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industry headlines

NRA: 'Modest Sales Growth in 2009'

2008-12-19 The National Restaurant Association's 2009 Restaurant Industry Forecast reveals economic, workforce, consumer, and menu trends for the coming year.

Technomic's Top 5 for 2009

2008-12-18 Is your concept addressing these top trends for next year?...

New Menu Item for Jamba Juice

2008-12-18 The roll out is accompanied by a citywide oatmeal delivery to nonprofits.

IHOP to Raise $1 Million

2008-12-18 National Pancake day turns into monumental fundraiser.

The Top 10 Food Stories of 2008

2008-12-18 National food editors rank the biggest food stories of the year.

Think You Know What Kids Want?

2008-12-17 They hate leftovers, but their thoughts on other foods, including seafood, might surprise you.

Home Chefs Lead 2009 Trends

2008-12-17 Top 10 food trends of the upcoming year.

Hardee's Takes Aim at Full-Service

2008-12-17 Two new menu items are in, but one classic didn't make the cut.

Could Retail Kill Quick-Service?

2008-12-15 Retail foodservice represents a spending level of close to $13 billion.

2009 Culinary Trends

2008-12-09 More than 1,000 professional chefs predict next year's hottest tastes, trends, and cost-saving measures.