Blair Chancey

Blair Chancey is QSR’s former editor.
Randy Garutti works with the team at Shake Shack in Brooklyn.
April 2012

The wildly popular burger concept isn’t letting its success change what it’s all about.

Brands like KFC and McDonald's have successfully grown around the world.
February 2012

Editor insights into the top quick-serve and fast-casual brands outside the U.S.

September 2011

A recap of the Dine America conference!

September 2011

Fresh off of a crippling recession, debt-ceiling debates, and a credit down grade, the American financial climate is merely crawling along. But an executive at Marco’s Pizza isn’t letting that stop the growth of his brand, or yours.

Ken Switzer, CFO of the 225-unit pizza chain...

September 2011

Here’s a statistic that may surprise you. Starbucks controls less than one-tenth of the coffee consumed in the U.S.

Despite its seeming domination of every city corner and suburban strip mall, Starbuck’s market control leaves room for others to profit off America’s...

September 2011

Kat Cole represents the new breed of restaurant executives.

She’s active on Twitter (@KatColeATL). She has a blog ( that mixes both personal and professional anecdotes. And she’s determined to leverage every level of...

July 2011

Food News Media released its second episode of “Big Picture Management,” a podcast series in partnership with the National Restaurant Association, today.

The “Big Picture Management” podcast series is a partnership between the National Restaurant Association and...

April 2011

There is a constant murmur during the July 27, 2010, Congressional hearing before the Committee on Energy and Commerce. As politicians shuffle in and out from their burgundy leather seats, Ken Feinberg, made famous for distributing insurance claims to 9/11 victims and their families, stays still...

April 2011

Spike Mendelsohn is a reality TV star. For those who watch Top Chef, he needs little introduction. After eight seasons, the Bravo hit series just wrapped an all-star version of its famous competition show where cheftestants are pitted against each other to earn industry respect, cash...

October 2010

More than one-third of restaurant off-premise customers leave without purchasing a beverage. Why? That number quite frankly is somewhere around 13 billion servings a year, just to give you some dimension for how big it really is. So we think that’s a huge, huge opportunity from a quick-...

September 2010

San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar recently proposed a ban on toys and incentives in kids’ meals in his district, sparking hot debate within the quick-service industry over the best way to fight the spread of childhood obesity. This comes on the heels of a similar...

August 2010

How can growing concepts move into franchising while still maintaining their core identity?

July 2010

What do the restaurant reviews on usually say?

By in large the reviews on are positive. In fact, about 85 percent of the reviews are three stars and above. But you can’t please 100 percent of your customers 100 percent of the time. Everyone is going to get a...

April 2010

Through a mouthful of food, hip-hop mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs delivers his review: “Popeyes has a certain type of fried chicken, nicely golden brown, juicy type of flavor to it.” His YouTube competition between KFC and Popeyes has already been viewed 78,529 times (plus...

March 2010

This month will mark the 20th anniversary of a local East Coast publication called the Bay Journal. When it published its first issue, the main headline proudly read "Taking a new look at an old goal," referring to the 1987 Chesapeake Bay Agreement to...

January 2010

He looks more like a tenured professor than a zealous consumer advocate. He is soft spoken with round wire glasses and a navy sports coat, a warm smile and gray curly hair. He is Michael Jacobson, executive director and co-founder of the Center for Science in the Public...