Brendan O’Brien

Fast food leaders like McAlisters CEO Frank Paci work on personal leadership.
August 2013

Crafting a strong personal leadership style helps both the brand and the executive.

Freshii founder Matthew Corrin got his quick-service start at just 23 years old.
June 2013

Being a young leader in the quick-service industry offers a unique set of hurdles—and benefits.

Tasti D Lite chair Jim Amos mentors young leaders to protect future of brand.
May 2013

Mentoring provides quick-serve leaders a way to protect and shape the company’s future.

April 2013

Outside the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory in Waterbury, Vermont, past a white picket fence, sits a group of colorful tombstones shaded by large overhanging tree branches.

“It swirled in our heads, it danced in our dreams, it proved not to be though, the best of ice...

March 2013

Quick-service leaders have a lot on their plate, from running complex organizations and overseeing financials to being the voice and face of their concepts.

But as they juggle these responsibilities and wade through the myriad daily decisions they need to make, something threatens to...

February 2013

For many leaders in the quick-service industry, the restaurant business is their lifeblood. Many start out as a dishwasher, cook, or cashier and work their way up through the ranks.

But for some CEOs, the quick-service industry represents a clean break from their successful careers in...

January 2013

Every brand wants to be bigger and more profitable. But leaders and experts in the quick-service restaurant industry say finding the correct growth rate is a delicate balance of having a clear appreciation for resource and talent capacity and an understanding of one’s appetite for...

December 2012

The days of dingy, dull, and outdated fast-food joints may soon be a thing of the past. Quick serves are meeting the demands of an evolving consumer base to remain competitive with the fast-casual sphere, using everything from sleek interiors with comfortable booths and flat-screen televisions...

November 2012

Much like the building industry did years ago with its LEED program, the United States Healthful Food Council is creating a nutrition certification program for the entire foodservice industry. The program is an effort to cut down on obesity and diet-related diseases.

October 2012

For years, barcode technology has been commonplace in the retail sector, where it’s used to gather information about products, sales, and even consumer trends at various transaction points. But now, due to a major standardization initiative and broadening food-safety concerns, the same...

Pizza Patrón caused a national stir—and was the victim of protests—this week with a promotion that offered free pizza to anyone who ordered in Spanish. But the Dallas-based company stuck to its guns in an effort to assert its unique brand positioning and communicate with its core...

One month after the “pink slime” controversy initially made waves across the U.S., a new report shows that consumers are still concerned about the contents of the meat they eat at quick serves.

The controversy, ignited after an ABC News report detailed the use of the additive...