Carolyn Surh

The Evolution of Food Safety

Quick-service restaurants have an obligation to their customers to provide safe food no matter which challenges may arise on a daily basis. Staff shortages, supply deliveries gone haywire, and increases in food costs all place pressures on foodservice operations, but few in the industry would argue that the importance of food safety trumps any other aspect of a restaurant’s business.

The Next Wave of Food Courts?

Chinese food-court innovation could signal coming change in the U.S.

Food courts in China offer more variety in food and experience than in the U.S.
A Chinese location of Singapore-based Food Republic.

Food courts in China today offer a range of experiences, from the simple stands one might see in the U.S. to high-end, luxurious food spots. Experts say China is not simply one contiguous market where food-court restaurants can be plugged in uniformly across the board, but a collection of different markets with varying levels of commercial development and, therefore, tastes.

Staying Ahead of Copy Cats

In-N-Out Burger fights and wins against a Chinese competitor. Find out how to safeguard your brand abroad.

Even companies with no plans to expand into China may find the world’s most populated country hard to ignore.

Take, for instance, In-N-Out Burger Inc., the Irvine, California-based burger enterprise with 277 locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas. The privately owned hamburger chain boasts a cult-like following of its limited menu, featuring the trademarked Double-Double (two patties, two slices of cheese), Animal Style (mustard-cooked patty with extra sauce, pickle, and grilled onions), and Protein Style burgers (burgers wrapped in lettuce, without the bun).

Will the Oil Spill Affect Your Menu?

It’s not just BP execs and politicians who are scrambling to clean up the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Restaurateurs and seafood trade association spokesmen conveyed a message of confidence in the safety of Gulf of Mexico–sourced seafood during the 91st annual National Restaurant Association's Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show.

“Our priority No. 1 is the safety of our consumers. That is the bottom line for us,” says Ewell Smith, the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board executive director.

“Any product that will go to market is safe. There will be no product that will go to market from any closed area. Period.”