Carrie Schmeck

Restaurant brand Blimpie partnered with Texas nonprofit to support organization.
April 2014

Sandwich chain helps first-time homeowners in a southern Texas community.

Restaurant brands provide community assistance in times of natural disaster.
March 2014

Quick serves rally support, funds, and food for neighbors near and far after natural disasters.

Auntie Anne’s invests in tomorrow’s talent.
February 2014

Auntie Anne’s invests in tomorrow’s talent by partnering with a youth development organization.

January 2014

Building a reliable workforce is essential to success in the quick-serve business, as is connecting with the local community through socially conscious means.

At least one franchisee is killing those two birds with one stone by integrating his hiring process with his charitable work. A...

April 2013

Though not new, secret and hidden menus have taken hold in recent years as social media–savvy diners share off-the-menu experiences with potentially viral audiences.

And today, more quick-service brands are finding that a secret menu can offer guests a fun and unique experience...

March 2013

Chipotle’s commitment to organic cotton might not be apparent to diners, but every employee wears the evidence—literally.

One hundred percent of Chipotle’s employees wear uniforms from Loomstate, a company dedicated to offering sustainable, organic, and quality clothing...

January 2013

Not long after it announced its French Revolution brand reimage program, casual-dining chain Mimi’s Cafe thinks it’s found the key ingredient to brand expansion.

The new store-within-a-store concept—where guests can opt for a grab-and-go experience, a French bakery with...

September 2012

“This letter serves as advance notice that ICE has scheduled a review of your forms.”

These words from a Letter of Inspection sent by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department are among the most feared in the quick-service industry, perhaps second only to...