Daniel Smith

Quick serves face growing competition from grocery stores and supermarkets that
October 2010

Are you losing business to the grocery store down the street? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Serving alcohol at quick serves can appeal to the casual-dining customer.
September 2010

As casual-dining traffic counts fall, quick serves are positioning themselves for potential new diners.

The iPad provides the restaurant industry with new ideas for incorporating more
August 2010

The hot new tech gadget has many quick-service insiders exploring its potential uses, from marketing to point-of-sale solutions.

June 2010

For generations, Americans embraced the traditional dayparts of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and quick serves fell into line with menu offerings and hours that respected the standards of the day.

May 2010

Four years ago, the winds of change moved Scott Gittrich, an experience that the Toppers Pizza CEO is appreciative for these days as his Wisconsin-based pizza chain pushes into a new decade with promise and purpose.

While working with an advertising agency,...

April 2010

On February 2, 2008, Auntie Anne’s hosted Free Pretzel Day at all of its U.S. outlets. For a six-hour window, consumers could enter any Auntie Anne’s location and receive a free pretzel. The promotion had some in the quick-service industry wondering what...