Denise Lee Yohn

Denise Lee Yohn

Denise Lee Yohn has been inspiring and teaching companies how to operationalize their brands to grow their businesses for more than 20 years. Denise shows business leaders how to transform brand-building from a costly, discrete, subjective activity into the most integral way of managing and growing a business.

World-class brands including Frito Lay, Jack in the Box, and Jamba Juice have called on Denise, an established speaker, author, and consulting partner.

April 2014

Q: I'm thinking about updating my website soon. Anything I should know for that process?

A: With social media and mobile being so prominent in the marketing...

March 2014

Q: Other restaurants seem to be moving away from 99-cent-and-under value menus. So what is the right discounting strategy?

A: True, McDonald's has replaced...

February 2014

Q: What is a "brand positioning," and do I need one for my restaurant?

A: A brand positioning is a strategy statement that explains whom you are selling...

January 2014

Q: What does it take for a quick-service brand to become a great brand?

A: I get this question all the time. Many people look at superstar brands like Apple,...

December 2013

My year-end top brand stories recap was well received last year, and I decided to do it again. I’ll break from my usual Q&A format to recap this year’s most important brand developments in fast food.

November 2013

Q: What are the best ways to promote a new menu item?

A: Product innovation is no longer simply a positioning strategy; it's become a necessity for all quick...

October 2013

Q: A Whole Foods just opened a block down the street. Should I be worried?

A: Yes! While a nearby Whole Foods is likely to draw traffic and attract higher-income...

September 2013

Q: What does it take to get good publicity for my company?

A: Just like every other marketing tactic, public relations has undergone significant changes in recent...

August 2013

Q: I've been hearing so much about Millennials lately. Do I really need to pay attention?

July 2013

Q: Why is having a clear purpose and principles important to brand building?

June 2013

Q: While using Facebook and other social media networks, which is the best method and what works the most effectively?

May 2013

Q: I've got a solid logo and look for my business, an ad campaign that works pretty reliably, and a good following on Facebook. What can I do to take my brand to the next level?


April 2013

Q: What's the right way to handle a negative online review?

A: If you're like most restaurateurs, you're a perfectionist. So a negative review on Yelp...

March 2013

Q: You've got a popular concept with a few locations in one market, and you're looking to expand into a new market. What's the best way to do so?

A: ...

February 2013

Q: I'm launching a new concept and trying to decide on a tagline. What makes a tagline work?

A: Taglines are powerful communicators. The right tagline can...

January 2013

Q: It’s a new year and it’s time to set marketing budgets. What are some guidelines to follow?

A: The New Year is a great time to kick-start your...

December 2012

In this last Brand New Perspectives of 2012, I’m breaking from my usual Q&A format to recap some of the most important brand developments in fast food this past year.

Despite the sluggish economy and uncertainty that typically accompanies election years, companies in our...

November 2012

Q: Could you give me some insight on the outlook of the barbecue industry? Is the industry stable? Is this a good time to invest in barbecue?

October 2012

Q: How do you innovate in new areas while maintaining strong execution on your core business?

A: Three hundred industry leaders recently grappled with this...

September 2012

Q: We’re feeling pressure to offer more healthy options, but how should we do healthy food? After all, we’re a burger-and-fries joint!