Denise Lee Yohn

The Many Faces of Your Brand

Q: My location is across the highway from a major amusement park that closes November to May every year. We've built a successful year-round business with our bar and live music stage. How do I brand a "rock bar and restaurant" business that's edgy enough to support a live music crowd and mainstream enough for families visiting the amusement park?

How to Keep ’Em Coming Back

Q: What are three important things to keep customers coming back and building new customers into repeat customers?

— Brian Durban, owner/operator, Genghis Grill

A: It’s very smart to be asking about building repeat business. After all, many analyses show it costs a company more to get new customers than to keep the ones it has.

2 Target Markets for Restaurants

Over the past year and a half that I’ve been writing this column, I’ve hammered home how companies that try to be everything to everyone end up being nothing to no one.

Focus has been my main message, as I’ve extolled the benefits of a “less is more” approach.

I thought I’d drop down from that 30,000-foot level this month and recommend ways to build strong brand relationships with some specific target markets. I’ve picked two market segments that are particularly valuable to most quick serves: Millennials and moms.  

What Life Stage is Your Brand in?

The statistics are captivating: more than $4,400 in sales per square foot, more than 90 percent revenue increases in the first six months of 2011, 40–50 new stores opened every year. Apple retail stores are hot. And if you’re like pretty much everyone I talk to these days, you probably have Apple envy.