Guest Author

Fast food brands use mobile ordering apps to build customer loyalty.
April 2014

Why mobile payments should be your brand’s top priority.

Quick serves train restaurant managers to handle regulatory and legal issues.
March 2014

The news these days should remind operators why training is a critical component to everyday business.

Quick service restaurants can use big data to plan their expansion efforts.
February 2014

How to find and leverage the data needed to succeed in the quick-service restaurant industry.

March 2011

Sending press releases out to the media promoting your restaurant is smart; however, if you don’t have a crafted public relations plan, then you’re wasting your time. Any successful marketing plan must be reinforced with a well-researched public relations plan. There are plenty of...

March 2011

Why are specialty beverage programs growing in popularity?

The quick serves are all trying to add specialty beverages to do two things. The first is to differentiate from each other, and secondly they’re trying to add products that their customers are already...

February 2011

How many advertising messages is the average American exposed to every day?

February 2011

Michael Lippert is the newly appointed executive vice president of operations for Captain D’s Seafood Kitchen. As an industry veteran he knows that the time a leader initially joins an organization is exceptionally crucial to his success there. But it’s also the point when many basic...

January 2011

Opening a quick-service restaurant in a challenging economy can feel like venturing into a risky commercial real estate development; there are heavy capital expenditures, significant operating costs, and months without revenue. So, more than ever before, operators are seeking ways to open their...

December 2010

It is widely believed that employees are a company’s most valuable assets. Yet in the course of meeting customer demands and managing unpredictable daily operations, many businesses overlook the importance of having a thoughtful workplace safety program in place to protect their most...