Jan Fletcher

Training programs like Goodwill's help the less fortunate learn needed skills.
December 2012

Operators can lend a hand to the less fortunate through hiring programs and other initiatives.

Chipotle has supported small family farms with its Food with Integrity campaign.
February 2012

With consumers calling for more locally sourced menu items, restaurants should consider buying a portion of their foods from local farms.

Moe's lowered the sodium in much of its menu, including kids options.
December 2011

Customers are demanding healthier menu options, but operators are still struggling to figure out the effect it will have on their bottom line.

November 2011

Quick serves are refining how they use geographic data to create benchmarks for optimal store operations. Today’s tools can help them capture both psychographics as well as demographics. In fact, with iPad in hand, site-selection managers can use cloud computing to bring store analytics to...

October 2011

Quick serves across the country are still struggling to figure out how to accommodate the menu-labeling mandate, which will require them to be transparent about their calories. But some operators say customers will soon want a new kind of count posted for the public to see: size of the...

September 2011

A May 2011 survey predicted a long-term shift in consumer attitudes, with restaurant patrons falling into two camps: free spenders and controlled spenders. The latter group of consumers outnumber the former three to one, but experts say quick serves will have to figure out how to satisfy each...

August 2011

A discovery thousands of times smaller than a human hair could completely redefine how restaurants serve their food. But it might also usher in one of the biggest controversies in food safety the industry has seen in years.

July 2011

The sustainability movement is in full swing in the quick-serve industry, and as operations look for ways to go green, many are opting for systems that reduce the amount of waste that comes out of their stores and turns up in landfills.

While composting and recycling programs do plenty of...

June 2011

In markets driven by tourist seasons, customers tend to dwindle to a trickle in the off-season but swarm like locusts in the peak season. Such markets force quick-serve operators to construct a strategy that ensures thriving store operations amid wild swings in demand.

May 2011

Quick serves could be poised to step up their franchising efforts as soon as the credit market thaws and while available real estate remains cheap. Some experts say that minority-franchisee recruitment will be a particular area of focus, as franchisors pursue the value minorities bring to...