Jody Shee

Associations That Offer Bang for the Buck

Six groups that are worth your money and time.

In this do-it-all-from-the-desk age made possible by all things online, it’s more important than ever to participate in organizations that allow opportunity for networking, advanced education, and industry involvement. Some associations do all that and more—worth the bucks it takes to join while returning value in tangible and intangible ways. Here are QSR’s top picks.

Research Chefs Association (RCA)

What Happened to Table Service?

In many cases, it’s a different consumer out there today deciding where to dine when the urge hits. Throughout the recession, full-service restaurants offered so many fire-sale bargains that those little affected by the economy could almost feel guilty for practically stealing meals when they would have just as willingly paid regular price.

Foodservice: The Next Movie Star

Cinemas are enhancing the movie experience by offering more than soda and popcorn.

Soda, popcorn, and candy have long been staples of the movie theater industry, but with ticket sales dropping and home-theater equipment improving, some cinema operations are expanding their foodservice options to appeal to more consumers.

While the dinner-and-a-movie concept makes perfect sense to the guest, however, it’s proved to be a dramatic show for some operators.