Judy Kneiszel

Mississippi-based Newk's Eatery offers homestyle classics.
March 2014

Mississippi-based fast casual enhances its menu and service experience.

Florida based fast casual Little Greek offers Mediterranean dishes like kebabs.
February 2014

Florida-based eatery adapts Mediterranean flavors to the American palate.

Piada serves Italian street food with Chipotle ingredient bar style model.
January 2014

Ohio-based concept brings Italian street food into the fast-casual setting.

December 2013

Most U.S. mainland residents have never been to a Teddy’s Bigger Burgers; those who have probably visited while on vacation. But that may soon change, as the Hawaii-based burger joint now has two mainland units and is poised for additional growth.

After the first Teddy’s...

November 2013

When Tiffini Soforenko first told her husband, Nik, that she wanted to open a cupcake bakery, his response was, “You don’t bake.”

But Soforenko, who worked as director of operations at Universal Studios Hollywood for more than 15 years, says she knew how to bake, she...

October 2013

Chronic Tacos CEO Michael Mohammed says it’s the recipes that make his California-based quick-serve concept stand out in the fast-casual Mexican food arena.

“The founders bought the recipes from a family friend, who was third-generation Mexican-American,” Mohammed says...

October 2013

In a world of novel-length menus and menuboards that fill entire walls, Flippin’ Pizza stands out for the simplicity of its offerings. Customers choose their sauce preference: white or red. There’s only one crust option, and whole pies come in an 18-inch size only. Pizza can be...

September 2013

Friends since sixth grade, Anthony Ackil and Jon Olinto talked about starting a business together for years. They could only agree on one idea, however, and that was “making fast food real.”

Ackil and Olinto trace their appreciation of “real food” to being fed...

August 2013

Sub Zero Ice Cream serves up theater, science, and frozen desserts, bowl by individual bowl. Each Sub Zero customer selects one of six bases, which include higher-fat premium, custard, or classic, as well as healthier options: low-fat, yogurt, or lactose-free rice and soymilk. Next, the customer...

August 2013

When Mary Ann Beauchamp ran a little restaurant called Wild Rose Café and Deli in the early 1990s, customers would often give their meal a one-word review. That word eventually worked its way into the name of the concept created by Mary Ann and her husband Mark: Café Yumm!

July 2013

In 2003, Berge Simonian noticed something interesting happening in the restaurant he had operated for almost a decade in downtown Houston. The line for salads was frequently longer than the line for hot foods.

June 2013

Matt Andrew is no stranger to the limited-service world. He spent eight years on the management team at Moe’s Southwest Grill, giving him the background necessary to create Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint. But there was one major hurdle to overcome before opening his own quick-serve pizza...

May 2013

A decade ago, JD and Sarah Gardner returned home to Utah from a trip to Cabo San Lucas, inspired by the surfing culture and local cuisine of the Baja Peninsula Coast. Soon after, the pair opened Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill.

May 2013

Prior to purchasing Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina from its founder in 2011, CEO Phil Friedman spent 11 years expanding McAlister’s Deli from 27 to 300 units.

These days, he and Salsarita’s president and COO Larry Reinstein are looking to grow the fresh-Mex concept. And grow...

April 2013

Rod Silva, founder of Muscle Maker Grill, says making America healthier requires diners increasing the number of healthy choices they make each day. And Muscle Maker Grill is helping them do just that.

In fact, it’s difficult to make an unhealthy choice at a Muscle Maker Grill...

March 2013

Rod Arreola, along with his brother Alan and cousin Eric Garma, grew up in Seattle, where teriyaki restaurants are commonplace. When they learned the rest of America didn’t have the same access to the Japanese flavors they loved, they decided to bring teriyaki to the masses, starting in...

February 2013

The Big Apple’s first self-serve frozen-yogurt concept may be a New York City brand, but it has its roots planted on the West Coast. Founder Solomon Choi learned the quick-service ropes while working for a gelato concept in his native California.

“That’s how my exposure...

January 2013

“Franchising is a great way to grow,” says Nicolas Jammet, one of the three Georgetown University graduates who founded the concept during their last year of college.

“There are good franchising business models, but we’re having a lot of fun doing it all ourselves...

December 2012

Frank Easterbrook, president and CEO of Juice It Up!, is passionate about juicing. So much so that he wants to reverse the ratio of smoothies to juices sold at Juice It Up! so that juices dominate the business.

Fresh raw juices, introduced about a year and a half ago, account for 15...

November 2012

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers has the look and feel of a mid-20th century hamburger joint, despite having recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

“We tried to give Freddy’s a ’40s and ’50s type of look and feel and convey the values of that...

October 2012

Smiling Moose Deli’s average unit volume is up almost 40 percent this year, and for that, president and founder Kevin Sloane has women to thank.

“When we first started, all we had were hearty New York–style sub sandwiches,” he says. “Now we do a custom...

October 2012

Grilled cheese sandwiches have traditionally been made at home or at full-service diners. A few higher-end places have experimented with gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches made with ingredients like watercress and Brie, and some sub shops offer toasting to melt their cheese. But generally, a...

October 2012

Let’s just go ahead and put it out there: Cheba Hut is a hippie’s dream concept. Everything from menu items and sizes of sandwiches are described using what management refers to as “counter-culture” lingo.