Juli Anne Patty

Hotels: A Threat to Quick Service?

Consumer demand for more convenient, healthier foods has affected the quick-service industry for the last several years. Now the trend might be helping to create a new competitor for traditional quick-serve brands: hotels.

Hotel food offerings were once minimal, unhealthy, or expensive, sending guests elsewhere for their meals. But today, hotels at every price point are positioning themselves to compete with surrounding restaurants, offering new menus, foodservice hours, and grab-and-go options.

Good Food for All

Industry veterans Brad Blum and John Vincent invest in good-for-you brands.

Five to Seven will invest in healthy and sustainble fast food brands globally.
Five to Seven will invest in quick-service brands that have a better-for-you model like Leon, a British chain.

Five to Seven, a new restaurant funding initiative launched in May by foodservice industry veterans Brad Blum and John Vincent, has goodness at its core and as its goal. “Good food for the planet” is the initiative’s tagline, as Blum and Vincent want “good food”—good in flavor, nutrition, and sustainability—to be an easily attainable commodity all over the world.