Julie Knudson

Need Help Starting Your Concept? Read This.

Most quick-serve entrepreneurs know that the early years of business are the hardest. Digging up the resources and consumer interest necessary to make an operation succeed is an increasingly difficult task in an incredibly competitive market.

But across the country, entrepreneurs are discovering that business incubators—where rents are relatively low and access to experienced mentors is high—can help their new concepts get off the ground and plant roots among the public.

Infrastructure? Check

How to Incentivize Your Crew

The quick-service industry is notorious for its 100-percent-plus turnover levels. But with the costs of hiring and training new employees—both in money and time—stealing precious resources away from operators in a still-lagging economy, many are relying on employee incentive programs to keep their crew around.

Many operators are finding that such programs can address not just turnover, but also a range of personnel issues, such as attendance problems, customer service levels, and even average ticket size.