Karon Warren

Mike Lassiter plays an important role in Rising Roll Gourmet's CSR efforts.
January 2012

As quick-serve CEOs become more engaged in corporate social responsibility, they may find the real beneficiaries are their own companies.

John Kunkel, CEO of Lime Fresh, has a clear plan for his brand laid out.
December 2011

Positioning your brand for the long haul starts with a well crafted and executed mission statement.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz wrote a letter against Washington politicians.
November 2011

Some of today’s top quick-serve CEOs are stepping into the political fray as things in Washington heat up.

October 2011

As quick-serve operations are figuring out how to comply with menu-labeling requirements and consumer demand for healthier menu items, many corporate executives are tackling another health-related issue: the health of their employees. Studies show that healthy employees are more productive...

September 2011

Zaxby’s has Doris Roberts, Terry Bradshaw, and Ryan Stiles. Subway has Apolo Anton Ohno, Michael Phelps, and Blake Griffin. Now Starbucks and Lady Gaga are teaming up. The question remains, however, whether star power in a quick serve’s marketing efforts can add up to big sales....

August 2011

Headlines touting a power struggle between the CEO and board of directors of a company usually garner more attention than those championing the successes of such relationships. But the partnership between a CEO and his company’s board of directors is crucial to the success of many...

July 2011

According to a new survey by ExecuNet Inc., a professional network for C-level executives, non-CEO C-suite members cite work-life balance, their work location, and relationships with coworkers and subordinates as motivation for their jobs.

CEOs, however, seem to believe that cash...

December 2010

In an economic climate full of uncertainty and change, many businesses have turned to interim executives to right the ship. The quick-serve industry is no different. In June, Denny’s Corp. named chairwoman Debra Smithart-Oglesby interim CEO after Nelson Marchioli left the company. In...

November 2010

For Scott Rubin, vice president of Chicago-based Double P Corporation, which owns 53 Auntie Anne’s locations, credit and debit card processing remains a nagging presence in day-to-day business. 

“I get calls every week from processors,” he...

October 2010

As Berry Chill founder and CEO Michael Farah implemented his plans to open the first of his three Chicago-area locations, he took a bizarre step for a business yet to open: He set up a Facebook page before ever selling its first treat.

August 2010

There was a time, not that long ago, when customers lined up in droves to get a hot Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut. People clamored to purchase franchise rights and throw open the doors as quickly as possible. Life at Krispy Kreme was looking up. 


July 2010

At McAlister’s Deli, employees greet customers as they approach the counter to place their order and once more as they deliver meals to customers in the dining room. These same employees also walk the dining room, offering to get drink refills, removing meal...