Keith Loria

Fast casual Mama Fu's offers takeout and delivery prototype to attract customers
January 2014

Mama Fu’s to open new takeout, delivery, and catering store.

Fast food executives switch jobs as way to use their talent to build new brands.
December 2013

How CEOs successfully transition from one brand to another.

Some quick service chief executives also double as brand franchisees.
November 2013

Brand leaders who double as franchisees must learn to juggle multiple roles.

October 2013

Every successful brand relies not only on its leader to craft and execute a winning brand strategy, but also on its executive team members to keep the concept running smoothly. A savvy CEO understands that his or her fellow C-suite members must consistently be inspired to be the highest-quality...

September 2013

It wasn’t long ago when quick-serve guests were asked to fill out paper comment cards to help brands gather both positive and negative feedback.

However, with advancements in technology and customers’ growing reliance on cell phones and tablets, traditional guest-satisfaction...

August 2013

At some point, most customers have the unpleasant experience of walking into a quick serve, ordering food, and getting a less-than-warm greeting from an employee who seems disconnected from his work and guests. These diners may think the attitude is entirely the employee’s fault, but it...

July 2013

In an age when, according to Pew Research Center, one in three Americans owns a tablet and most adults use the Internet on their cell phones, it’s no surprise that businesses of all shapes and sizes are bringing in technology to bolster sales.

Innovative technologies are nothing new...

June 2013

Talk of an all-digital future where paper is nothing but a distant memory has been around for decades. But thanks to the rise of cloud applications and devices that keep everyone constantly connected, the dream of a paperless office is now becoming a 21st century reality—a reality that can...

Burger King made waves in 2012 when it overhauled its marketing and menu items in an effort to compete more directly with competitors like McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

Turns out the brand wasn’t done with its evolution. In the last month, Burger King has refreshed its menu...

A recent report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the food and hospitality industry is the second-highest occupation group in the U.S. hampered by smoking. But Joe Bastianich, renowned restaurateur and judge on FOX’s hit show “Master Chef,” has...

Insurance experts say many restaurateurs, including quick-service operators, will be hit with significant increases to their property and casualty insurance premiums when they renew this year, with some policies rumored to go up by as much as 75–100 percent.

A 2012 filled with high-...