Laurel Nakkas

New fast food brands like Live Basil first start as innovative business ideas.
June 2013

What it takes in this day and age to develop a new brand, from conception to launch.

Restaurant operators learn valuable tips at restaurant industry's largest show.
May 2013

How to get the most out of this year’s show.

Brands like McDonald's are opening restaurants in African nations like Morocco.
February 2013

With many international markets growing increasingly saturated with U.S. quick-serve brands, Africa could become the next growth target.

January 2013

It’s common knowledge in retail industries: image is everything. And when it comes to an ever-evolving market like quick service, operators are finding that it’s more vital than ever to keep their image fresh, lest they get left behind and become outdated.

The trick to keeping...

New York City has been a trendsetter in health regulations the last few years, from its ban on trans fats to its restrictions on sodium. But many in the foodservice industry are hoping that the sugary beverage ban scheduled to take effect in March remains a New York specialty only.