Mary Avant

In the Navy Now

When opportunity knocked, Pita Pit answered. The pita chain was recently approached by the Navy Exchange to deliver its healthy offerings to the Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia.

But because there were no brick-and-mortar spaces available on base, the Navy and Pita Pit franchisee Samuel Crown came up with the idea of opening a food truck—and both the brand and the base’s inhabitants ate it up.

Commodities in Crisis

It was a dark day in September when Britain’s National Pig Association broke the news that pork products—including everyone’s favorite, bacon—would soon become a luxury because of dwindling pork supplies from the ongoing drought in the U.S.

Though consumers around the world were left clutching their pearls, it was much ado about nothing, as economists and commodity experts quickly debunked the theory. But the media hype did turn a lot of eyes—both consumers’ and foodservice industry insiders’—to the real issue at hand: rising commodity costs.

National Franchising League?

A new partnership between the NFL and IFA shows pro football players exactly what it takes to score in the franchising industry.

The IFA and NFL are partnering to teach players franchise business fundamentals.
IFA president Steve Caldeira, left, and the NFL's vice president of player engagement Troy Vincent cement the organizations' partnership.

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The National Football League (NFL) season may be winding down—or just heating up for playoff-bound teams—but the NFL and the International Franchise Association (IFA) are gearing up for a whole new venture.

The duo is hosting an NFL Franchising Boot Camp April 26–29 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, giving 20 current and former NFL players a chance to dive headfirst into the world of franchising.

The Ultimate Staff Reward

Auntie Anne’s takes employee incentives to the extreme.

Participants on Be the Boss compete to win a free Auntie Anne's franchise.
"Be the Boss" participants compete for a free Auntie Anne's franchise.

Any seasoned brand, operator, or human-resources expert will tell you that rewarding your employees can bring about a host of positive results, from improved employee morale to better customer service.

But pretzel chain Auntie Anne’s is taking employee incentives to a new level, awarding one deserving and unsuspecting employee not just a raise or promotion, but a franchise unit of his or her very own.

A New Age for Women

This is not the 1950s. Women aren’t confined to the home, cooking, cleaning, and caring for the kids (unless they want to, of course), nor can they only find work as secretaries in a male-dominated corporate world. No, today, women have power: They can balance work and family life; they can excel in any profession; and, just like men, they can own their own businesses.

The Fight for America

With gloves off and the days ticking down to November 6, the two contenders for the most powerful position in the world—reigning President Barack Obama in one corner and challenger Mitt Romney in the other—are prepped and ready to compete in the battle of a lifetime.

Special Preview: Dine America

Dine America is a networking conference that all restaurant and foodservice leaders should attend.

It is not a trade show or other run-of-the-mill conference. Dine America has garnered a reputation as a boutique gathering of top minds in the restaurant industry who attend not only for the educational sessions, which offer both industry-specific and outside-the-box ideas, but also for the outstanding networking opportunities that take place on and off the conference floor.