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Well, here it is: May. The season for trade shows is really starting to heat up as is the weather. It’s when travel becomes not just a question of if there will be airline delays, but how long they’ll be. So, the subject of this month’s diatribe is trade shows and their prime purpose: networking.

Let’s start with what I know best, which is how McDonald’s used to deal with the above, and then discuss how you should do it today.

Just the Facts

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A national nutrition-labeling mandate was passed as part of the healthcare reform bill on March 21, after the April issue of QSR went to print.

Long ago and far away, in the days of McLean Deluxe and salads with almost taste-free vinaigrette, McDonald’s decided that its customers deserved to know what was in the food nutritionally. So they decreed that all stores should display a poster that showed the nutrition numbers for all of the items on the menu. And it was done.

Having Fun with Trends

QSR magazine has a keen interest in trends in the fast-food business, and publishes many articles by learned authors on the creation and life of those cause-and-effect little devils. Some go on to greatness, some reverse, and some just die out of old age or disinterest.

My editor and I were talking about subjects for this article and he suggested that it might be interesting to explore some of the trends I saw in my 32 years of walking the halls of McDonald’s, both there and in the industry at large. Just for fun. So, here goes.

How Will It Be?

First, Happy Valentine’s Day. May you find your love like I did.

Back in October, I had an idea for a column for January, but when I found out the topic of January’s issue, Great Franchise Deals, I wanted to write on that subject. So, January’s column became February. And it is just for fun, nothing heavy like packaging. After you read, if you have any thoughts, please e-mail me, and maybe I can do a follow-up column on reader ideas on the subject. So here goes.

Who to Sign With

The Happiest of New Years!

This month’s issue tells you of some great franchise values out there. So, I decided to give you the benefit of my 32 years of watching franchisees come and go and create Roy’s list of what to look for in a franchisor. If I was thinking about buying into a franchise company (and Kate and I have talked about doing so), what would I look for in the perfect marriage?