Sonya Chudgar

Top Menuboard Strategies

When the federal menu-labeling law goes into effect this year, restaurants with 20 or more locations will need to provide calorie counts on menus and menuboards. Experts say the calorie shuffle presents a good opportunity for restaurants to reevaluate their menu strategy and menuboard design, two elements that, if done right, should soften any blow from the labeling mandate.

Some operators are uncertain of the consequences of the menu-labeling law. Many fear that customers, when presented with a 900-calorie sandwich on the menu, might suddenly lose their appetite for fast food.

A Dog Eat Dog World

Like better-burger concepts before them, gourmet hot dog joints are booming.

With the better-burger segment grabbing headlines with the success of concepts like Five Guys and Smashburger, some operators are turning their attention to reviving the humble hot dog.

Once confined to food carts on street corners, the hot dog now finds itself assembled behind fast-casual counters, smothered with regional flavors, and marinated in premium condiments.

Spicy mayo, pinto beans, pico de gallo, and homemade crab dip are just a handful of the innovative condiments now found on hot dog menus.

Activation is Key in Sports Marketing

Statisticians aren’t sitting cross-legged in labs, running complex algorithms on Papa John’s Super Bowl sales. A supercomputer isn’t littering the floor of a scientist’s basement, crunching cross-promotions of the FIFA World Cup. And Harry Potter has yet to cast an ROI-analysis spell.

Sports marketing is a tricky beast, predominantly because brands have no method of quantifying their return on investment, or their success rate at compelling consumers’ cravings.