Viva Chicken

Ethnic Cuisines Take Root

From Thai and Korean to Peruvian and Nordic, global foods are going mainstream in limited-service industry.
Fast food restaurants serve ethnic food options to curious customers.
Viva Chicken in Charlotte, North Carolina, serves up Peruvian cuisine in a fast-casual setting. Viva Chicken

After visiting numerous Peruvian rotisserie chicken places with his wife, a Peru native, Randy Garcia had an idea: He wanted to combine the feel of the restaurants he’d seen throughout Peru with a modern, fast-casual format. That idea came to fruition when he opened Viva Chicken in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2013.

“Since I’ve been with my wife, she’s taken me to all these places, but I’ve never seen one done in the way we did it,” Garcia says. “We’ve done a really contemporary look as opposed to most of the places I’ve been to, [which] have been very ethnic.”