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Independent Restaurants Drop 3 Percent

2015-08-04 A 3 percent drop in independent restaurant unit counts compared to year ago brought the total U.S.

Lunch Visits Grow for Second Consecutive Quarter

2015-07-14 Lunch visits at foodservice outlets in several global markets improved for the second consecutive quarter, which marked a turn in a long-term trend of...

Half of Consumers Are Concerned About Avian Flu

2015-05-21 Since the USDA has reported more than 160 cases involving three deadly strains of avian flu (bird flu) since December, consumers are expressing concer...

NPD Group Shares Top Five Consumer Trends

2015-05-07 Sluggish restaurant traffic growth and stalled sales in the center aisles at grocery stores are evidence that U.S.

Study Finds Restaurant Visits Reflect Consumer Sentiment

2015-04-28 Visits to quick-service restaurants, which represent the bulk of global foodservice traffic, were more a reflection of consumer sentiment than each co...

Millennials Cut Back on Dining Out, NPD Study Finds

2015-03-17 Millennials are the chosen generation for many marketers because of their sheer number and perceived buying power, but they are not a homogenous group...

Hot Sauce Gains Popularity in U.S.

2015-03-11 Hot sauce is hot right now, according to the NPD Group, a leading global information company.

Russia, Great Britain Foodservice Traffic Increases

2014-06-25 Great Britain led the developed markets in foodservice traffic gains and the still young Russian foodservice market continued to increase consumer vis...

Price Sensitivity a Catalyst for the Gluten-Free Trend

2014-05-30 According to a recent report by The NPD Group, 11 percent of the population follows a gluten-free diet.