Carvel Weathers Winter, Preps for a Successful Spring

Ice cream is largely a seasonal business, popular in the warmer months. But for Carvel, an ice cream chain that has weathered 80 winters, the offseason is a perfect time to revamp operations and market unique offerings.

Scott Colwell, Carvel’s president, has a three-pronged approach to efficiently using the winter months. For starters, he says, the season is an optimal time to ensure facilities are in prime condition.

Carvel Looks to Grow in Florida

Carvel is expanding its presence in Florida. During 2014, Carvel opened four new ice cream shoppes in southern Florida and plans on adding locations in the Orlando, Tampa-St. Petersburg, and Miami markets. The planned expansion follows the introduction of the ice cream franchise’s new shoppe design in Royal Palm Beach in 2014.

“There’s tremendous buzz about Carvel in Florida right now,” says Carvel president Scott Colwell. “Loyal customers are excited about the new look, the new menu innovations, and they’re asking us to open more shoppes throughout the state.”

Carvel Celebrates 80th Birthday in Ice Cream Day Promo

Carvel is celebrating National Ice Cream Day this year with a promotion that pays homage to the brand’s 80th anniversary. On Sunday, July 20, guests can visit their neighborhood Carvel shoppe to enjoy a junior cup or cone filled with their choice of vanilla, chocolate, or new soft-serve ice cream made with Ferrero’s Nutella hazelnut spread for only 80 cents.