100 Montaditos

International Invasion

When it comes to global expansion, international operators are quick to point to the U.S. as the gateway to success. Foodservice here is booming, with expected restaurant industry sales in 2014 surpassing $680 billion, according to the National Restaurant Association—and the limited-service sector accounts for about $230 billion of it.

100 Montaditos Appoints American CEO Amid Expansion

100 Montaditos, the Spain–based food company, announced the appointment of Francisco Javier Cernuda as CEO of 100 Montaditos in America.

Cernuda will direct, coordinate and execute strategic marketing development plans in the United States and Latin America for the corporate expansion of 100 Montaditos.

His addition to the management team at Restalia, the Madrid-based restaurant holding company that owns 100 Montaditos, coincides with the 2014 announcement of the opening of 70 additional international restaurants within the existing portfolio.

100 Montaditos Gears Up for NYC Franchising Growth

100 Montaditos, the franchise restaurant chain from Spain, announced a deal to expand its presence in New York. The restaurant, which features 100 versions of the popular Spanish sandwich called the Montadito, plans to expand its footprint in the New York area and cement its U.S. presence as the first franchise restaurant from Spain. The agreement was conducted between 100 Montaditos and Mini Hospitality, an affiliate company from Crown Acquistions. The new plan for expansion include 28 restaurants in the next three years in all boroughs of New York City.

100 Montaditos to Debut in NYC this Fall

100 Montaditos, a Spanish restaurant chain, announced its plans for its New York City debut this November, cementing the brand’s footprint in the U.S. Named after its signature product, the Montadito – a crunchy, baked-to-order tapas-sized roll deeply rooted in Spanish tradition – the restaurant will bring a fresh, new style of fast-casual dining to Manhattan and the Northeast United States.

Spanish Concept 100 Montaditos Tests Waters in U.S.

Is America ready for montaditos?

The specially baked rolls filled with 100 ingredients fuel the success of 100 Montaditos, a chain of 207 cafes throughout Spain. And now they’re open in the U.S. and primed to expand: One outlet opened in Miami in January 2011, a second is due there in September, and three are planned for Miami by year’s end.

Expansion continues in Florida in 2012 with 15 new outlets in Orlando, Gainesville, and Jacksonville.