16 Handles

One to Watch: 16 Handles

The Big Apple’s first self-serve frozen-yogurt concept may be a New York City brand, but it has its roots planted on the West Coast. Founder Solomon Choi learned the quick-service ropes while working for a gelato concept in his native California.

“That’s how my exposure to frozen desserts started in 2005,” he says. “But I began to notice an increase in the popularity of frozen yogurt. The idea for a self serve came from a family friend.”

Guests Can Get Their Coffee Fix with New 16 Handles Flavor

Frozen-yogurt brand 16 Handles announced the release of its newest flavor: Mocha Java Chip. 

A proprietary new addition, Mocha Java Chip pairs a dark chocolate taste with fresh, micro-ground coffee beans for a refreshing pick me up.

As with all 16 Handles’ flavors, Mocha Java Chip is Kosher certified and carries The National Yogurt Association’s seal of approval. It is available in all 16 Handles’ locations.

16 Handles Gets Innovative With Latest In-Store Promo

Frozen-yogurt brand 16 Handles is hoping the results it’s seen from its latest promotion aren’t here today and gone tomorrow—or in 10 seconds, rather.

The New York–based chain kicked off its marketing efforts this year using an up-and-coming mobile app, SnapChat, to offer customers discounted yogurt.

16 Handles Goes Italian with Hot Chocolate Affogatos

16 Handles, today’s most innovative frozen-yogurt brand, is launching a new fro-yo–based Hot Chocolate Affogato beverage in three flavors: Salted Caramel, Crème Brûlée, and Toasty Marshmallow. 

16 Handles’ new Hot Chocolate Affogato merges the delight of cool, creamy frozen yogurt with the welcome warmth hot chocolate brings to wintry days and nights.

16 Handles Sweetens the Menu with Crème Brûlée Flavor

16 Handles is ringing in the New Year with a delicious new frozen yogurt flavor: Crème Brûlée.  

Crème Brûlée frozen yogurt brings a cool, low-fat twist to a hot dessert favorite. The flavor offers hints of vanilla, custard, and caramelized sugar—the only thing missing is half the fat.

As with all 16 Handles’ flavors, Crème Brûlée is Kosher certified and carries The National Yogurt Association’s seal of approval. The new flavor is now available at all 16 Handles locations.

16 Handles Plants Flagship Store in SoHo

16 Handles, the innovative frozen yogurt and dessert brand that sparked the self-serve frozen yogurt revolution in New York City, will celebrate the grand opening of its new flagship store in SoHo, New York, on Saturday, December 15.

The store features a bold new design that merges sustainability with style in a lounge-like environment that brings out the fashionable side of frozen yogurt. SoHo marks the 29th location to open for the fast-growing brand.

16 Handles Helps Out New York Cares in a Huge $10,000 Way

16 Handles, today’s most innovative frozen yogurt brand, has raised $10,000 for New York Cares, New York City’s largest volunteer organization. The donation is made possible from proceeds generated from the sale of New York Cares Cheesecake, a co-branded flavor that launched in September and was sold in all New York based 16 Handles stores.