Flavor Creation Contest Returns to Baskin-Robbins

Wishing your flavor won the Baskin-Robbins flavor creation contest last year? Don't despair, Baskin-Robbins today announced its 2nd Annual Online Flavor Creation Contest,  providing guests with the opportunity to tap into their inner chef to create a winning new flavor.  

Baskin-Robbins Packs Punch with August Flavor

Baskin-Robbins' August Flavor of the Month, Picnic Punch is a cool, refreshing Watermelon and Green Apple flavored sherbet swirl. 

The red and green sherbet combination is reminiscent of a classic hard candy that has always been a summer thirst quencher. Now it takes the form of a classic sherbet dessert that is lower in calories than ice cream, but high in satisfaction and flavor.

Baskin-Robbins Hits the 4,000 Mark Overseas

Baskin-Robbins, the world's largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, announced the opening of its 4,000th international location, in Novena Square, Singapore.  The opening of its 4000th international shop underscores Baskin-Robbins' position as a global leader in the ice cream industry.  

The Novena Square location is also the brand's first shop in Singapore and the 48th country in which Baskin-Robbins now has a presence.

Fan-Created Flavor is Crunching at Baskin-Robbins

A sweet and crunchy winner has emerged from Baskin-Robbins' first annual "Create Baskin's Next Favorite Flavor" contest. After more than 40,000 entries and a nationwide vote, Toffee Pecan Crunch, the creation of Chicago's Diane Sroga, is now available nationwide as Baskin-Robbins' June Flavor of the Month.  

Baskin-Robbins Nabs New POS Systems Provider

ParTech (PAR) announced that it has been selected by Baskin-Robbins as the exclusive provider of POS systems to the company’s U.S.stand-alone franchise network.

PAR’s unified POS solutions will simplify Baskin-Robbins’ new product roll-outs, improve its ability to control and update menus, and enable digital marketing.

How to Spot a Good (& Bad) Brand Extension

What do Bic underwear, Harley-Davidson wine coolers, and Jamba Juice soup have in common? They’re all ways companies have tried to extend their brands—and they all failed.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise that the rough and manly image of the Harley brand wouldn’t fit with the light and girly product attributes of a wine cooler, but the fates of other brand extensions are harder to predict.

Feeling Lucky? Baskin-Robbins’ New Flavor Is, Too

Baskin-Robbins, with more than 6,000 units in 33 countries, has released its newest flavor—Lucky Mint ice cream. The March Flavor of the Month is mint-flavored, milk-chocolate ice cream with colorful green candy flakes and chocolate coated sandwich cookies.

"With Lucky Mint, our goal was to create a flavor that celebrates the spirit of St. Patrick's Day and welcomes spring with a mix of vibrant flavors and colors," says Brian O'Mara, Baskin-Robbins vice president of marketing. "We feel like we discovered Mint Chocolate Chip's delicious twin!"

Give Your Customers a Break

Remember the tagline, “You Deserve a Break Today”? If you’re like me, you probably look back fondly on those days when McDonald’s made it a mantra. The line signaled the spirit of the industry at the time—people really enjoyed going to fast food restaurants, and quick serves really provided a needed break from the stress and boredom of the everyday.