The Big Salad

Breaking the 7 Unwritten Rules

How some operators succeed by going against the industry’s conventional wisdom.

Every industry has its unwritten rules for success, a series of dos and don’ts that conventional wisdom suggests are the path to profits.

The quick-serve industry is no exception. For decades, companies have operated under a series of assumptions that guide their business decisions and compose their operations manuals. And many of these brands would suggest they’ve been all the wiser—and richer—by playing by the rules.

The Big Salad Turns to Inventory Management Solution

WhenToManage, the leading innovator of cloud-based software solutions for the hospitality and retail industries, announced a new partnership with Michigan-based The Big Salad, a multiunit specialty salad restaurant and franchisor.

The Big Salad selected WhenToManage’s Web-based Inventory Management software because it offers broader capabilities than other providers, including an interface with food vendors, ability to fully integrate with the franchises’ HALO point-of-sale system, and enhanced data capabilities.