What to Know About Immigration

“This letter serves as advance notice that ICE has scheduled a review of your forms.”

These words from a Letter of Inspection sent by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department are among the most feared in the quick-service industry, perhaps second only to those found on an Internal Revenue Service audit letter.  

How to Attract Top-Shelf Employees

It’s no secret that employee turnover in the foodservice industry is one of the highest in the labor force. But while many quick-serve operators view high turnover as an inevitable part of business, some brands are offering employee-focused benefits to reposition their concepts as long-term career options instead of the site of dead-end jobs.

Experts say positioning quick-service jobs like this is a smart move as the economy slowly strengthens and the workforce becomes more competitive.

The Push for Humane

With more consumers interested in knowing where their food comes from, a growing number of quick-service companies are either pressuring their suppliers to improve the humane treatment of animals or switching food suppliers altogether. Cage-free eggs, gestation crate–free pigs, and free-range chickens are showing up on more quick-service menus throughout the country.

Quick-service operators who are making the supply changes believe they are on the cutting edge of a growing movement as consumers with increasing access to food education care more about the origins of their meals.

Boloco Fully Integrates LevelUp into POS Solution

LevelUp, the pay phone app, today announced that boloco, a family of globally inspired burrito restaurants, has fully integrated LevelUp’s mobile payment technology into its NetPOS point-of-sale solution.

Now, all 18 locations of the fast-casual chain will accept mobile payments with LevelUp, making it even faster and easier for customers to get their burritos, bowls, salads, smoothies, and shakes.

Boloco Taps James Lux to Head IT Sector

James Lux is the newest member of the Boloco team, joining the family of globally inspired burrito restaurants as vice president of information technologies (IT). Lux will work from Boloco’s Global Headquarters in Boston, and offer expertise gained from 15 years of experience driving business change through technology.

Lux most recently acted as a senior executive developing and managing an IT team for the Unidine Corporation. Before that, Lux developed an award-winning team of tech professionals at Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant. 

Don't Waste This Opportunity

According to a new report by Unilever Food Solutions, 80 percent of U.S. consumers who dine out are uneasy about the amount of food waste created by their favorite restaurants.

“That's a profound figure and it shows the depth of how consumers are aware of sustainable living,” says Kara Phillips, channel marketing manager for Unilever Food Solutions, which conducted the “Sustainable Kitchens: Reducing Food Waste” study. “They're cutting back on food waste in their own kitchens, and now they're also looking at restaurant kitchens to see what businesses share their values.”

Boloco Gets “Garam” with Indian Flavors

The globally inspired menu at Boloco hit a few more points on the globe this week with the unveiling of a new Indian trio: The Simple Curry and Tikka Masala burritos or bowls, and a Mango Lassi smoothie.

Boloco is a chain of fast casual burrito restaurants based in Boston known for delighting guests with bold and globally inspired flavors, and this new trifecta is their most ambitious effort to date.