App Gives Boloco Customers a "LevelUp"

Boloco, a chain of burrito restaurants based in Boston, has partnered with an innovative group buying platform, LevelUp.

LevelUp, a pilot program from location-based game SCVNGR, is garnering attention for its business model, which offers three levels of deals to encourage loyalty to a business and enable consumers to “level up” for better savings each time they use the deal. Additionally, 100 percent of LevelUp’s proceeds (25 percent of total sales) from every “Level 1” deal purchased are donated to a selected nonprofit.

App Makes Ordering a Breeze at boloco

Boston-based boloco, which has 17 locations throughout New England, rolled out its new online ordering app for iPhones. Mobilaurus, an app company that creates mobile ordering and ticketing solutions, built the app so that boloco customers can order from their iPhone, pay ahead, and skip the line entirely.

“Reality is that some people would prefer not to wait in any size line—ever,” says John Pepper, CEO. “They don't want to micro-manage their ingredients every visit. They want to push a few buttons, let our teams do their things, and listen to their name.”

Boloco Knows Its People Matter, Chooses Hiring Tool

Boloco, a restaurant company offering “inspired burritos” to the New England area, announced that it will implement PeopleMatter Hire to help find, hire, and manage its workforce. Boloco will deploy the PeopleMatter talent management system to automate and streamline its hiring and onboarding tasks, such as applicant tracking, background checks, hiring assessments, and electronic I-9 verification, to its 16 locations.

Personal interaction and employee value have been integral principles to the Boloco brand since it was founded in 1997.

Boloco Supports Movember and Men's Health

Last week, Boston-based Boloco, known for its burritos and smoothies, announced that the month of November - or should we say Movember - will be dedicated to supporting fundraising and awareness for men's health. Boloco will do so by donating $0.25 from the sale of every "Late November" burrito or bowl to Movember, a foundation that aims to raise funds and awareness of men's health by encouraging regular check-ups in order to prevent serious issues such as prostate cancer and depression.

Fast Food Fast

In the quick-service world, there is a clear expectation for customers who join the drive-thru or in-store queue: to get quality food fast. While the tough economy forced many restaurants to streamline business, experts warn that quick serves must remain just that—quick. 

“Speed of service is in direct correlation to your overall retail sales,” says John Scardapane, founder and CEO of Philadelphia-based Saladworks.

Renaissance Brand

There was a time, not that long ago, when customers lined up in droves to get a hot Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut. People clamored to purchase franchise rights and throw open the doors as quickly as possible. Life at Krispy Kreme was looking up. 

Until everything came crashing down. Stores started to struggle, lawsuits popped up, and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigations were launched. 

The Morale Boost

Money is tighter. Consumers are crabbier. So are many employees. But some executives say the recession has made it even more important for chains to leverage better service into happier patrons.

“Customers have limited funds these days and use more discretion with them,” says Tom Coba, Subway’s chief operating officer. “Their expectation is that they’re going to get good service, or they’ll go somewhere else.”