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Burger King Brings Back Subservient Chicken

2014-04-30 It’s the 10 year anniversary of the Subservient Chicken, and Burger King announced he’s back.

Burger King Beefs Up Big King Sandwich

2014-02-11 Burger King Worldwide Inc.

Burger King Rebrands Value Menu to King Deals Value Menu

2014-01-02 Burger King Worldwide Inc. introduced its new King Deals Value Menu, which includes the Rodeo Crispy Chicken and the Rodeo Burger for $1 each.

Burger King Crowns New Big King Sandwich

2013-11-06 Burger King Worldwide Inc. announced the introduction of the new Big King sandwich to its menu.

Burger King Debuts Low-Calorie French Fries

2013-09-24 Looking for an edge against its quick-serve rivals, Burger King is introducing healthier french fries, dubbed “Satisfries,” today at all of its 7,200 ...

RTI Welcomes Burger King Operators

2013-07-11 A leading restaurant software developer RTI announced that Burger King franchisees GPS Hospitality of Atlanta and Capital Restaurant Group LLC, of Nor...

Action Services Group Provides Lighting Maintenance for BK

2013-05-14 Actions Services Group, a national lighting, sign, and electrical maintenance company, announced a service agreement with Strategic Restaurants Acquis...

Burger King Shakes Up Senior Management Team

2013-04-11 Burger King Worldwide (BKW) announced an evolution of its senior management team as CEO Bernardo Hees and chief financial officer Daniel Schwartz assu...

Burger King Gets Spring Fever with New Burger Fest Menu

2013-03-19 Whether you’re experiencing a case of spring fever or have been counting down the days awaiting the calendar’s “official” first day of spring, Burger ...

Burger King Debuts New $1 Seattle's Best Lattés

2013-03-18 Burger King recently added coffeehouse Lattés to the menu for the first time and is now encouraging guests to try one for a limited-time.