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Burger King Announces Debt Retirement

2006-10-06 Since Burger King's May 18 IPO, the company has retired a total of $435 million in debt, reducing its debt level by more than 30 percent.

Burger King to Host First Shareholders Meeting

2006-09-27 Burger King's first shareholders meeting will be held in Miami on November 29.

New Burger King EMEA President Named

2006-08-25 Peter Robinson named president of Burger King EMEA.

Burger King Introduces New Burger

2006-07-05 The BK Stacker features up to eight slices of bacon and a new sauce and is available with up to four patties.

Burger King Holdings, Inc. Announces Pricing of its Initial Public Offering

2006-05-18 Burger King Holdings, Inc. today announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 25,000,000 shares of common stock, at a price of $17 per share.

Have '24' Your Way

2006-05-15 News Corp.'s Fox Entertainment Group has teamed up with Burger King to offer MySpace users episodes of TV programming to consumers for free, TheStreet.com reports.

Burger King Names John Chidsey CEO

2006-04-07 Burger King Corporation announced today that John Chidsey, 43, the company's president and chief financial officer, has been named chief executive officer, effective immediately.

Burger King Corporation Announces 8th Quarter of Positive Comp Sales

2006-04-06 Burger King Corporation today announced its eighth consecutive quarter of positive comparable sales in the United States.

Burger King Adds New Breakfast Items

2006-04-05 Burger King Corporation entices restaurant guests with two new additions to its breakfast menu, the French Toast Sandwich and CHEESY TOTS™.

Burger King Corporation Joins Michael Waltrip Racing Team

2006-03-17 Burger King Corporation announced today it will broaden its involvement in professional sports by entering the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series™.