Burger King

Liberty Restaurant Group Steps Up BK’s Charity Efforts

Closing out 2011, Liberty Restaurant Group's (LRGBK) annual Christmas Party was about more than just recognizing Burger King team members and general managers for exceptional performance, customer service, and identifying rising stars.

Rather, this was a moment to pause and give recognition to the families and community organizations who continue to help LRGBK continue their social leadership initiative. 

Almost a year ago today, LRGBK stepped up to become presenting sponsor of HavenHouse St. Louis' signature fundraising gala, HopeFest.

Bacon, Cheddar Atop BK's New Toppers Burger

Burger King restaurants added a new layer of flavor to their value offerings with the new Bacon and Cheddar BK Toppers Burger, its newest flame-grilled burger appearing on menus nationwide. This signature burger is 3.2 ounces of 100 percent flame-grilled beef and is topped with a combination of thick-cut, hardwood smoked bacon and Cheddar cheese on a sesame seed bun. The Bacon and Cheddar BK Toppers Burger is available at participating Burger King restaurants nationwide at a suggested retail price of $1.99.

Salt Shakers

Salt is one of the world’s oldest seasonings. But pervasive use of the mineral has put it in the crosshairs of modern-day health professionals.

Few people are suggesting that salt—consisting mostly of sodium chloride—be treated like a latter-day trans fat and be banned from restaurants in cities across America. Instead, many eateries are heeding a national initiative to reduce the salt in their menu items.

The 100 Biggest Stories of 2011

1. Roark Capital Buys Arby’s

With concerns about the economy running high, restaurant industry mergers and acquisitions dipped noticeably.

None of 2011’s mergers came close in value to the previous year, when Burger King and CKE, parent of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, were each sold for more than $1 billion. Instead, there were smaller deals and one big buyer, Roark Capital Group.

Burger King Announces Thicker, Crispier French Fries

It’s a fry for all at Burger King restaurants nationwide. Burger King Corp. announced it is delivering a new golden, crispy fry.

The new fries at Burger King offer restaurant guests a high-quality, perfectly balanced product. A thicker cut of potato gives each bite more fluffy potato flavor on the inside and crispy, golden-brown texture on the outside. The new fries will be available at most Burger King restaurants across North America by December 5.

Top 3 Trends from Biggest Q3 Calls

Quick-serve companies wrapped up their quarter earnings calls and investor meetings earlier this month, paving the way for the final fiscal term of 2011 (or, in Starbucks’ case, the beginning of fiscal 2012).

Here are a few things to learn about the industry from the results.

1. Premium menu items are the name of the game. Though customers have clamored for value-driven items throughout the recession, quick-serve companies are turning to higher-quality fare to appeal to frugal-fatigued consumers.

United Capital Refinances Multi-Unit Subway Operator

United Capital Business Lending, a subsidiary of BankUnited, announced today that it is providing $1,350,000 in financing to Subwayowner, CCreations LLC. United Capital refinanced eight existing stores for the Indiana-based franchisee, and will also provide funding to relocate and remodel some newly acquired locations. CCreations LLC operates more than 30 Subway restaurants in Indiana and Kentucky.

With the King Out of the Way, BK Offers New Crown to Kids

Burger King announced today a revamp of its kids’ meal option, launching the BK Crown Program for kids that updates its packaging and signature cardboard crown and makes the kids’ meal a more family friendly experience.

The updated Kids Meal now comes in a square cardboard box, attached to which is the new, slimmer crown, which has bolder colors and more jewels.

The rest of the box includes interactive games, puzzles, and activities for kids to play with their families. The box also directs customers to BKCrown.com, where there are more activities.

Are You Sure About That?

Wendy’s tries to become a kids’ place. Pizza Hut adds salad and pasta. Everybody changes their look, and now Burger King hangs up the High King.

Why do we make these kind of sweeping changes in our brands?

Well, sure, we do it to increase our market share by causing more visits from existing customers, new visits from noncustomers, and increased buying from everyone. But there are other reasons as well.

Let’s start with new products. Probably the most famous, risky, and huge change is a quick serve open for lunch and dinner adding breakfast. Just think about it.

BK Beefs Up Menu With Chef’s Choice Burger

Burger King unwrapped the new BK Chef’s Choice burger, its new premium, flame-grilled beef sandwich, appearing on menus nationwide. Superior from every angle, this 5.5 ounce flame-grilled burger is made with 100 percent ground chuck and is topped with thick-cut bacon, American cheese, crisp red onions, sliced tomatoes, Romaine leaf lettuce, and savory Griller sauce, all on an artisan-style bun that will surprise and delight taste buds.