Carl's Jr.

Quick serve brands are using strong customer service to build drive thru sales.
October 2013

Speed and accuracy are essential, but good customer service could be the key to building sales in the drive thru.

Krispy Kreme released its pumpkin-themed fall lineup a month early this year.

Pumpkin reigns as operators rush to capitalize on popular seasonal trends.

Carl's Jr. is making its first roads into the vast Chinese market with the opening of a Shanghai store today.
Grandsons of founder set company sales record with new Arizona location.
Humane treatment of egg-laying hens at the heart of the issue.
Digital television network to be featured in 133 of the chain's locations.
Synq Solutions is helping spearhead a campaign at Carl's Jr to raise money for breast cancer.
Same-store sales for CKE fell 2.7 percent for period two.
'Top Chef'host Padma Lakshmi will star in new ad for CKE's Western Bacon Cheeseburger.
Gone since the 1990s, the Chili Dog is making a reappearance on the chain's menu.
The HSUS is asking shareholders to vote on whether McDonald's-U.S. should join Burger King, Quizos, Hardee's, and more in using eggs from cage-free hens.
Carl's Jr. is bringing back chili dogs to the brand which it first offered for 20 cents in 1941.
The Kentucky Bourbon Burger is a limited-time offer and available in three varieties.
Hardee's and Carl's Jr. president explains why same-store sales fell during a four-week period last month.
So far the fast-food chain has avoided lowering menu prices during the recession, but this could be the alternative solution.
The store will test several eco-friendly initiatives that could spread to other CKE stores.
Refusing to enter into a tit-for-tat pricing war with other quick-serves has helped Carl's Jr. and Hardee's post impressive numbers during the economic crisis.
The Golden Arches might not be the only recession-proof brand on the block. Carl's Jr. is having a record-breaking time, too.
With the debut of two new training programs, CKE vows not to lose its edge as it expands at home and abroad.
The recession hasn't stopped CKE Restaurants Inc. from surpassing its refranchising goals.
CKE Restaurants, Inc. reports positive period 12 blended same-store sales.
Applications now available online for 10th Annual Carl N. and Margaret Karcher Founders Scholarship p/rogram