Carl's Jr.

Quick serve brands are using strong customer service to build drive thru sales.
October 2013

Speed and accuracy are essential, but good customer service could be the key to building sales in the drive thru.

Krispy Kreme released its pumpkin-themed fall lineup a month early this year.

Pumpkin reigns as operators rush to capitalize on popular seasonal trends.

60 student recipients awarded $1,000 each through the 2005 La Estrella Latina de Carl’s Jr. scholarship program.
The new Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger and its accompany Texas Toothpicks side will retail for $4.59 and $1.89, respectively.
Two-year cumulative same-store sales growth remains strong for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., according to CKE CEO Puzder.
The Breakfast Burger features a fried egg, bacon, hash brown nuggets, cheese, ketchup, and a charbroiled all-beef patty, on a sesame-seed bun.
According to Carl's, Pastrami burgers have long been "insider" favorites at restaurants like The Hat in Los Angeles and Crown Burgers in Salt Lake City -- well-known burger joints that feature specialty hamburgers.
With its new Loaded Breakfast Burrito, Carl’s Jr. hopes to capitalize on the “bigger, better” strategy that pushed its Six Dollar Burger to record sales.
The newest addition to the chain's Thickburger line is based on a long-popular sandwich from sister concept Carl's Jr.
Today Carl's Jr. rolled out what it says is the largest burger in quick-serve history: the 1 lb. Double Six Dollar Burger.
Carl's Jr. has landed Hugh Hefner as a spokesperson in a new advertising campaign with a variety theme.
The new limited-time-only version of the Six Dollar Burger is the first several new burgers Carl’s Jr. is expected to test this year.
Except for one-time benefits in the third quarter, earnings from operations were essentially flat.
Carl's Jr. positive; Hardee's is the big loser.
CKE joins Dream Foundation in its mission to help the terminally ill.
Carl’s Jr. posts slight gain; Hardee’s and La Salsa decline.
Focus on premium products and limited discounting cited as contributing to sales decline at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.
Figures reported down for CKE brands Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s and La Salsa.
CKE Restaurants, Inc. Reports Period 6 Same-Store Sales
Effective July 1st, Carl's Jr'.'s parent company CKE will join the nation's largest incorporated companies—based on total market capitalization—on the Russell 3000.
New ad campaigns supporting the three new products will target Hispanic consumers
The dispute, which dates back to July of 2001, was settled to "the satisifaction of both parties' say those involved.