Checkers' New Prototype Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple

Burger-and-fries chain Checkers is taking the Big Apple by storm on October 26 and 27 when it shows off its newly available single drive-thru concept on morning show “FOX & Friends.”

But Checkers won’t just be highlighting its new store design in pictures or words; the brand is actually building out a real restaurant right on the plaza next to the FOX News Channel building, where the brand will do live interviews, serve food to fans, and offer on-site entertainment for passersby.

Checker's Shows Off Its Best of the Best

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, the largest double drive-thru chain in the United States, honored its outstanding employees and franchisees at the company’s Best of the Best Awards Ceremony held at its National Convention in Las Vegas from September 25–28, 2012.

The awards recognize the employees and franchisees that have added to the tremendous growth and success Checkers has experienced over the past year as the brand continues to develop with new locations across the country.

Winging It

It would seem strange these days to attend a Super Bowl party that didn’t have chicken wings available on the snack line. Wings are America’s “party food,” showing up at all manner of celebrations, from tailgating to graduation parties.

But now that party is extending to the quick-serve industry, with wings showing up on menus at concepts one might otherwise not expect to carry them. For example, Veggie Grill, a sandwich and burger concept, added wings in the spring of 2011. Taco John’s, a Mexican concept, did so in the fall of 2011.

The Drive-Thru Fixer-Upper

On a recent visit to shop his competition, operator Thom Crosby saw disappointment after disappointment in the drive thru. Bad customer service while placing and paying for his order, poorly dressed employees, and backed-up cars plagued operation after operation.

But to Crosby, the experience was more than just a bad lunch. It epitomized all that can go wrong with a broken drive thru.

JobApp Keeps Efficiency High at Checkers, Rally’s

Tampa, Florida-based Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, the nation’s largest chain of double drive-thru restaurants, knows that people drive its success.

When the national quick-service chain decided that one of its core corporate values, “Obsessed with Excellence: Uncompromisingly High Standards,” could be enhanced by investing in talent management technology, Checkers gave JobApp Network a tall order: Bring excellence. Bring an ROI that won’t quit.

6 Tips for Better Store Financing

As president of National Restaurant Development Inc., a board member for the International Franchise Association, and owner of more than 50 quick-serve restaurants, Aziz Hashim is a veteran of the franchise business.

With brands like Popeyes, Checkers/Rally’s, Subway, and Moe’s Southwest Grill under his watch, Hashim has the know-how to obtain the finances needed for developing restaurants.

In today’s post-recession lending market, he explains the creative steps franchisees can take to get the funds they need for development.

Don't Waste Your Sponsorships

In 2000, David Miller went from being the COO at Checkers Drive-In Restaurants to being the owner/operator of 28 Rally’s restaurants in Kentucky and southern Indiana. Since that deal, Miller has successfully promoted his restaurants by using sports to draw in customers. Miller has been a long-time supporter and sponsor of local and college sports teams in the Louisville, Kentucky, area. Whether it’s football, baseball, or basketball, Miller’s sports marketing strategies have made his Rally’s restaurants consistently profitable, win or lose.