Quick service concepts like Chick-fil-A use marketing to improve brand image.
January 2014

Seven ways quick serves can elevate themselves from good to great.

Workers for East Coast Farms in Florida will receive wage increase of 64 percent.
New app lets customers order and pay for items, and save favorites for future use.
Chipotle and filmmakers hope to make consumers more conscious of consuming food made with natural ingredients.
Highest LEED certification awarded to member of LEED for Retail pilot program.
Winner of "My Chipotle" ad submission campaign could have favorite meal combo added to menu.
Washingtonian Magazine readers poll has California Tortilla on top.
The fast-casual will increase its existing program by 10 percent.
The Mexican quick-serve sets out to remind customers of their options.
"We are very pleased with our first quarter," says the restaurant's co-CEO.
The brand is No. 5 on the magazine's top 10 list.
“Our marketing strategy has not kept pace with developments in our food,” says Steve Ells.
Monty Moran is Co-CEO. First European store to open in fourth quarter 2009.
The chain denies earlier claims of systemwide roll out.
The company added a secure credit card payment capability that can save customers’ information.
The company posted its first profit fall since going public and warns of menu price increases.
An on-site wind turbine will provide 10 percent of the power at Chipotle's Gurnee, Illinois, restaurant.
The company announced slowing sales expectations for its third quarter, which officially ends September 30.
Corporate Research International lists Chipotle, Subway, and Sonic as having high brand image and customer perception.
The Land Institute is a nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to addressing sustainable agriculture issues.
All of Chipotle’s naturally raised beef, pork, and chicken comes from animals that are humanely raised, never given antibiotics or added hormones, and fed a pure vegetarian diet.