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Chipotle Sees Across-the-Board Increases in Q1 2009

2009-04-23 "We are very pleased with our first quarter," says the restaurant's co-CEO.

Corner Bakery Named One of Health Magazine's Healthiest Quick-Serve Chains

2009-02-24 The brand is No. 5 on the magazine's top 10 list.

Chipotle Rights Sluggish Creative

2009-01-20 “Our marketing strategy has not kept pace with developments in our food,” says Steve Ells.

New CEO and Market for Chipotle

2009-01-05 Monty Moran is Co-CEO. First European store to open in fourth quarter 2009.

Chipotle Clears the Air about Cereplast

2008-12-23 The chain denies earlier claims of systemwide roll out.

Chipotle Enhances Online Ordering Program

2008-10-28 The company added a secure credit card payment capability that can save customers’ information.

Chipotle Falls Victim to Economy

2008-10-24 The company posted its first profit fall since going public and warns of menu price increases.

Chipotle Seeks LEED Certification

2008-10-02 An on-site wind turbine will provide 10 percent of the power at Chipotle's Gurnee, Illinois, restaurant.

Chipotle Feeling Tight Economy

2008-09-12 The company announced slowing sales expectations for its third quarter, which officially ends September 30.

Best Customer Service Winners Announced

2008-07-24 Corporate Research International lists Chipotle, Subway, and Sonic as having high brand image and customer perception.