Chronic Tacos

Chronic Tacos Raises $10K to Fight Childhood Hunger

Through a recent month-long fundraising campaign by Chronic Tacos, a California-inspired Mexican grill that celebrates the authenticity and individuality of its customers, the initiative to end childhood hunger in America took another step forward. Raising $10,000 to benefit No Kid Hungry, Chronic Tacos has found a cause that speaks true to its brand message.

Chronic Tacos Continues to Support No Kid Hungry

A month-long fundraising campaign organized by Chronic Tacos, a California-inspired Mexican grill, is aiming to provide meals to 250,000 kids by raising $25,000 throughout the month of September. The campaign continues on September 22, when 15 percent of the sales made at the U.S. Chronic Tacos locations that day will be donated to No Kid Hungry.

Chronic Tacos Serves Up New Items in Response to Study

After conducting a recent focus group study, Chronic Tacos is launching a new and improved menu to cater to its customers’ desires. From offering entirely new dishes to redesigning the menu, Chronic Tacos is on a mission to serve up only the highest quality of flavor and fulfillment.

Chronic Tacos Caters to Health-Conscious Eaters

With the conclusion of the food-heavy holiday season, many people are starting to boost their exercise and diet plans, which is usually also accompanied by cutting out certain types of indulgences like dining at fast casual restaurants. To combat this trend, Mexican food concept, Chronic Tacos, rolled out its health-conscious menu options that include gluten free, vegetarian, and low carb dishes.


Ones To Watch: Chronic Tacos

Chronic Tacos CEO Michael Mohammed says it’s the recipes that make his California-based quick-serve concept stand out in the fast-casual Mexican food arena.

“The founders bought the recipes from a family friend, who was third-generation Mexican-American,” Mohammed says. “The flavor is more authentic. The recipes are a little more complicated, and you really notice the flavors.”

The Ultimate Investment

At some point, most customers have the unpleasant experience of walking into a quick serve, ordering food, and getting a less-than-warm greeting from an employee who seems disconnected from his work and guests. These diners may think the attitude is entirely the employee’s fault, but it may stem from a lack of corporate involvement at the unit level.

In fact, a recent study by Atlanta-based internal communications agency Tribe Inc. revealed that a disconnect between corporate and front-line employees can lead to poor customer service and low morale in the unit.

Chronic Tacos Coming to Angel Stadium

Known for its bold outside-the-box approach and fresh, fast Mexican food, Southern California-based restaurant chain, Chronic Tacos, has agreed to place a restaurant inside Angel Stadium.

Located in section 240, in the Field Terrace Level, the new restaurant will launch on Opening Day, April 6. It will feature the brand's combination of authentic third-generation Mexican food with California style and creativity.