Church’s Chicken

Church's Chicken Raises Funds for Calhoun City Schools in GA

Church’s Chicken invited parents, students, and families to visit its Calhoun, Georgia, location this fall to earn cash for Calhoun City Schools.  For five weeks throughout September and part of October, Church’s will host Spirit Weeks and donate 10 percent of total restaurant sales to schools in the district. September 8–14 will be dedicated to Calhoun Primary, September 15–21 to Calhoun Middle, September 22–28 to Calhoun Elementary, September 29–October 5 to Calhoun Pre-K, and October 6–12 to Calhoun High.

Spicier Spicy Chicken Returns to Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken restaurants across the nation saw the return of the brand’s Spicier Spicy Chicken once again.

“The secret to our highly recognized Spicier Spicy Chicken is in the preparation that takes place long before our guests visit our restaurants,” says Steve Davis, Church’s chief concept officer. “Not only do we marinate Church’s Spicier Spicy Chicken for 12 hours, we freshly prepare all our chicken in small batches from scratch to ensure that each guest receives hot, fresh, and Spicier Spicy Chicken all the time.”