Dine America Releases Conference Agenda

Dine America, the annual “Executive Idea Exchange” for leaders in the restaurant and foodservice sectors, released the agenda for its 2011 conference. The conference will take place October 9-11, 2011, at the Intercontinental Buckhead in Atlanta.

The conference schedule includes keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities, including an offsite party.

2011 Chef’s Survey

QSR asks the industry’s leaders to share insights on the segment’s hottest menu trends.

Each year QSR surveys the best and the brightest culinary professionals in the industry to find out what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to your menu. The exclusive annual Chef Survey, unveils innovative menu items that reflect the year’s newest and most exciting inspirations.

What Happened to Table Service?

In many cases, it’s a different consumer out there today deciding where to dine when the urge hits. Throughout the recession, full-service restaurants offered so many fire-sale bargains that those little affected by the economy could almost feel guilty for practically stealing meals when they would have just as willingly paid regular price.

Top Women in Quick Service

Meet the women leading the biggest segment in the restaurant industry.

Just last year, women crossed the 50 percent threshold in the U.S. workforce, and for the first time in history represent the majority of working Americans. Even in our own industry, more than 50 percent of restaurants are now owned by women—a statistic released by the National Restaurant Association just last month.

While women’s accomplishments in the professional and collegiate world are undeniable (for every two men earning a post-secondary degree, three women are graduating), the fact remains that only 2 percent of bosses at America’s largest companies are women.

Two Cinnabon Offerings Get Fruity

Cinnabon is offering new fruit flavors to two of its menu items. The Raspberry Mochalatta Chill and Fruit Topped Center of the Roll are now available for a limited time.

"Since introducing the Center of the Roll, our guests have raved about the portable version of the ooey, gooey center of our Classic Cinnabon Rolls," says Kat Cole, Cinnabon president. "After adding the Caramel Pecanbon version, we wanted to give our guests options to customize their Center of the Roll with toppings."

Cinnabon’s Holiday Twist Abbreviates the Roll

Cinnabon regulars know what they like. That’s why they weren’t afraid to ask franchisees to create a dish consisting of only the center of the Classic Cinnamon Roll – and franchise partners listened.

When guest requests for this dish began to grow, partners trotted the idea up the totem pole to corporate.

“We agreed it was a fantastic idea,” says Kat Cole, chief operating officer at Cinnabon. “People were already asking for it, and it seemed like a good indication that it was something that should be tried nationwide.”