Cousins Subs

Cousins Embraces the Irish with New Offerings

Cousins Subs invites guests to enjoy a taste of St. Patrick’s Day with their new limited time only Reuben & Rachel subs.


“The Reuben and Rachel featured on our new Rye bread are the perfect pairing for the season,” says Justin McCoy, vice president of marketing at Cousins Subs. “Their classic flavor profiles and hearty builds are exactly what our guests have come to expect from our deli fresh limited time only offerings.”


Cousins Subs Launches Two Spicy LTOs


Cousins Subs added two new limited-time subs to its classic menu: the Chipotle Cheese Steak and Chipotle Chicken.

“Our cheese steaks are always guest favorites, so we created the Chipotle Cheese Steak—a kicked-up version for the winter months—something with just enough heat, without being overwhelming,” says Justin McCoy, vice president of marketing at Cousins Subs. “The Chipotle Chicken is another new sub that provides a little heat; its jalapenos, Pepper Jack cheese, chipotle mayo, and jalapeno cheddar bread make sure of that.”

A Family Affair

Like many kids with restaurant-owning parents, Christine Specht worked for the family business, sandwich chain Cousins Subs, while growing up. But then she went off to college to pursue other interests. “My parents were really great like that,” Specht says. “They would always have made a place for me had I wanted to work in the business, but they certainly allowed me to explore my own avenues.”

For those women who do want to stay involved in and even lead their family-owned brand, it takes a lot of dedication, persistence, and sound business sense.

Cousins Subs Adds Variety to Breakfast Menu

Cousins Subs is testing new menu offerings in select locations in order to give customers new choices. New menu items include Wisconsin cheese curds and breakfast offerings, such as sandwiches, hash browns, a Greek Yogurt parfait, and Alterra coffee. Also, Cousins Subs has introduced new multigrain bread, which has replaced its wheat bread.


Three LTO Favorites Are Back At Cousins Subs

Cousins Subs is bringing back three menu items for a limited time only this summer: pretzel bread, the Wisconsin Steak & Brat, and the Pulled Pork & Slaw subs. 

Back by popular demand, the items are available in stores now through September. 

Pretzel bread originally debuted with Cousins’ Twisted Subs for a limited time last winter. 

“The response to our pretzel bread was overwhelmingly positive,” says Justin McCoy, vice president of marketing at Cousins Subs. “Both our franchisees and our guests have been anticipating its return ever since.”

Cousins Subs Hands Out Awards at Annual Meeting

Milwaukee-based Cousins Subsrecognized a number of its franchisees for outstanding performance at its annual meeting at the Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells from April 28–30. 

Approximately 200 franchisees, corporate employees, vendors, and guests were in attendance. 

Cousins Subs’ “Franchisee of the Year” award was presented to Andy Lanz from Verona, Wisconsin.