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Culver's Boosts Wi-Fi Network, Security

2010-02-24 With SecureConnect's PCI compliance services, chain provides secure, public wireless networks in its stores.

Custard Pints and Oreo Sandwiches Ready to Go at Culver's

2009-11-18 Dessert treats available to go as option for holiday festivities.

Culver's Exceeds Fundraiser Goals

2009-06-09 The restaurant chain's Day of Giving raised more than $200,000 for local organizations.

New, Lighter Menu at Culver's

2009-01-21 How and why the chain partnered with Gundersen Lutheran Health System to promote a healthy New Year.

Food Picks President

2008-10-30 Culver's Custard Election results could predict presidential race outcome.

Culver's Co-Founder Passes

2008-10-03 Ruth Culver died yesterday at age 84.

Culver’s Donates $100,000 for Disaster Relief Efforts

2008-07-09 Midwest American Red Cross chapters benefit from Culver’s fundraising events.

Culver's Introduces Oreo Frozen Custard Sandwich

2008-07-01 Culver’s partners with Kraft Foodservice to develop the first frozen custard-filled Oreo sandwich.

Culver’s Begins Offering Sliced Tomatoes

2008-06-12 The Wisconsin-based restaurant chain is one of the first to begin serving tomatoes again.

Culver's Honored by American Red Cross

2008-04-02 Culver's was recognized with the Circle of Humanitarian Award from the Red Cross for the substantial support the company and its franchise partners provided in 2007.