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Dairy Queen Hosts Food Safety Press Conference

2001-08-29 A Dairy Queen restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky will hold a press conference in September to promote September as National Food Safety Education Month.

Dairy Queen Opens 100th Store in Thailand

2000-08-31 A public ceremony was held to celebrate the opening of Dairy Queen's 100th store in Thailand--the first to include the new international design featuring a new logo, altered color scheme, and "eatertainment" design.

Court Approves Dairy Queen Settlement

2000-05-05 On May 31, the court in the dispute between International Dairy Queen, Inc. (IDQ) and its franchisees gave final approval to a settlement announced on March 10, 2000.

Dairy Queen and Franchisees Settle Dispute

2000-03-09 International Dairy Queen, Inc. announced March 9 the settlement of a class-action lawsuit filed in April of 1994 by five of its franchisees, who complained that IDQ was unreasonably preventing franchisees from purchasing food products and supplies from alternative sources.

Dairy Queen Promotes Charity

2000-02-21 San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young, part owner of a Dairy Queen franchise in Utah, congratulated fellow operators throughout Texas today for their fund raising on behalf of Children's Miracle Network.