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Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco Serves It Up at DQ

2013-04-22 Baltimore Ravens Quarterback, Super Bowl MVP, and famous No.

DQ Debuts Choco Covered Pretzel Blizzard

2013-04-03 Sweet and salty is one of the trending flavor profiles that the Dairy Queen system has turned into a new Blizzard Treat flavor.

DQ Hits the Magic Price Point with $5 Buck Lunch

2013-03-29 Rising gas prices, increases in the federal payroll tax, and overall economic uncertainty have left consumers yearning for more value for their take-h...

DQ Opens in 20th Country Outside of U.S. and Canada

2013-03-15 The Dairy Queen system, part of Berkshire Hathaway, has opened its latest location in Trinidad, which is the 20th country outside of the U.S.

Wendy's Ranks No. 1 for Kid-Friendly, Healthy Options

2013-03-07 According to Restaurant DemandTracker, a recent survey of restaurant customers in the United States, households with younger kids are much more likely...

HyperActive Technologies Helps DQ with Drive Thru

2013-02-28 HyperActive Technologies, a technology company for the restaurant industry, has expanded its suite of drive-thru products for Minneapolis-based Dairy ...

DQ Kicks Off Spring Season with Deals

2013-02-27 The Dairy Queen system will kick off the spring season with special deals throughout March that highlight the iconic brand’s unique food and treat off...

DQ Brings Back Choco Covered Strawberry for Valentine’s Day

2013-01-30 The Dairy Queen system will sweeten Valentine’s Day and the entire month of February with the return of Choco Covered Strawberry as the featured Blizz...

DQ Kicks Off the New Year with Chocolate Candy Shop Blizzard

2012-12-23 Chocoholics will ring in the New Year delectable bite by delectable bite when the Dairy Queen system brings back one of its most popular Blizzard Trea...

Dairy Queen Lands New Advertising Agency of Record

2012-12-22 American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ) announced Barkley as the company’s new advertising agency of record after a four-month formal agency review.