Dairy Queen

November 2010

Whether it’s started by the internationally renowned franchisor or the ma-and-pa franchisee, litigation stands an unwelcome event in a relationship desperately needing trust, respect, and the singular, shared aim of bottom-line success. Over the last decade, however, a litany of franchisor...

September 2010

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Wendy's takes Top Food crown among chains with more than 5,000 units, while In-N-Out is tops in the less-than-5,000 category.
Stingray Point-of-Sale workstation approved by American Dairy Queen Corporation and further endorsed by Dairy Queen Operators’ Association.
Miniature version of the popular treat is now available across the country.
Franchise agreement with Al Safwa Food Group will bring first Dairy Queen to the country in spring of 2011, and a total of 32 by 2015.
June 2010

Madison, Wisconsin, TCBY franchisee Saad Khalifa is on a first-name basis with his customers, especially those who visit his frozen yogurt shop regularly.

When Steve drives an hour and 35 minutes to the Madison TCBY, Khalifa is ready with the customer’s...

A new national ad campaign focused on the fictional and humorous Blizzmann family will begin airing for Dairy Queen this month.
As one of the many ways to honor the 25th anniversary of the Blizzard Treat, Dairy Queen will launch its newest mini-sized Blizzard in August.
On Tax Day, Dairy Queen will park its Blizzardmobile outside of the IRS building, offering free mini blizzards to taxpayers and accountants.
April 2010

Now that social media has lost its novelty, Dairy Queen’s Michael Keller is having a flashback as he considers the near-term possibilities for Facebook, Twitter, or whatever buzz-maker might next set fingers a-flutter.

“You know that moment right before you drop on a...

April 2010

The largest expense that foodservice operators incur, other than food, is employee labor costs. In addition to wages, human capital can cost quick serves countless dollars in employee theft and misuse of the time-management system. With biometric technology, it’s...

Company announces plans for new units in Macau and Egypt, which brings total number of countries it has a presence in to 20.
February 2010

In March of 2008, Subway launched a value deal nationwide that already had explosive success in a number of the chain’s South Florida stores. The introduction of the $5 footlong deal across the U.S. was intended to be an answer to the $1 value menus of industry...

February 2010

When the recession hit in 2008, quick serves in the U.S. got a wake-up call: Even in the Western world, where drive thrus and combo meals were invented, quick serves are not immune to tight wallets and budget cuts.

While brands in the U.S. struggled, some had a...

The 4th Annual Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen raised millions of dollars for Children's Miracle Network this year.
January 2010

For years Brandon Ansel frequented Steak n Shake on a monthly basis. He was a regular, a loyalist in the purest sense. Slowly, however, his habits changed, and Steak n Shake faded completely from his mealtime routine for more than a year.

Then one day Ansel got a...

Coca-Cola, PFD Supply, and Prairie Farms Dairy Inc. honored as tops in DQ supply chain.
DQ plans to open 500 Chinese stores in the next five years.
Roundtable Corporation chooses SecureConnect to manage PCI compliance.