Duke Manufacturing Company's product holding units will be a part of Denny’s EDGE program.
January 2010

He looks more like a tenured professor than a zealous consumer advocate. He is soft spoken with round wire glasses and a navy sports coat, a warm smile and gray curly hair. He is Michael Jacobson, executive director and co-founder of the Center for Science in the Public...

Winners of scratch-card game will be awarded five-day, six-night vacation to the Bahamas.
The chain hopes to win over youth with value-friendly menu items and alternative rock music.
The HSUS is asking shareholders to vote on whether McDonald's-U.S. should join Burger King, Quizos, Hardee's, and more in using eggs from cage-free hens.
For the 26th year, chains nationwide will participate in the Shamrocks Against Dystrophy program.
Selling for $5.99 each, they are offered in two options, the Southwestern Sizzlin’ Skillet and the Flatjack Sizzlin’ Skillet.
Eat This, Not That! authors grade 43 national chains; 6 receive an "F."
Will offer breakfast take-out in customized new Denny’s Dome packaging.
Denny's asks consumers to submit impersonations of presidential candidates,builds upon "Don't Fall for Fake" campaign.
Denny’s Corporation announces that the Company has redesigned its organizational structure.
Denny’s is adding four new menu and value items to its late-night menu, which will be served from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.
First agreements provide for sale of 34 existing units and development of 26 new restaurants.
The new ad campaign encourages guests to enjoy the Denny's full meals with full service instead of settling for unappetizing meal replacement bars or fast-food breakfasts.
Allegations of animal mistreatment to be investigated.