2010 in Review

Reporting by Blair Chancey, Sam Oches, Daniel P. Smith, Robin Van Tan, Barney Wolf & Lori Zanteson

1. BK Sold to Brazilian Investors

Becoming the decade’s biggest restaurant buyout, No. 3 burger chain Burger King Corp. was acquired by 3G Capital, a New York firm backed by Brazilian investors, for $3.3 billion in September. —BC

2. The Food Truck Obsession

Domino’s Twitter Giveaway Celebrates Turkey Day

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Domino’s Pizza, Inc., along with families across the nation, is getting ready for the hustle of the holidays! The night before people enjoy a Thanksgiving Day feast with friends and family, many choose the convenience of fueling up on pizza – making Thanksgiving Eve one of the busiest nights of the year for Domino’s.

Because so many will make this Wednesday night a family pizza night, Domino’s will be delivering more than 1.1 million pizzas to homes across the country.

Domino's Now Open in Vietnam

Domino's Pizza opened its first store in Vietnam, delivering hot pizza to the residents of Ho Chi Minh City.

The master franchisee is Vietnam Food & Beverage Service, a fully owned subsidiary of the Imex Pan Pacific Group (IPP Group). The IPP Group has more than 25 years of experience operating retail, food, and beverage outlets in Vietnam with an extensive portfolio of brands. The company's retail and food and beverage experience in Vietnam makes them well positioned to develop Domino's into a leading brand in the country.

The 30-Day Challenge

Sharon Olson, president of Olson Communications, tests her will and waistline in a month-long experiment in which she only eats food from the top quick serves in the nation.