NRD Buys Out Florida Domino's Franchises

Atlanta-based NRD Holdings, LLC (NRD), one of the country’s largest operators and developers of franchised quick service restaurants, recently purchased 23 Domino’s Pizza units–17 in Jacksonville and six in Orlando. 

With this acquisition, the company is now among the top 25 largest Domino’s franchisees in the U.S.  The Domino’s acquisition is the company’s first foray into the Florida market and adds to NRD’s existing multi-brand staple of restaurants, which also includes Popeyes in Atlanta and Checkers/Rally’s restaurants in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Atlanta.  

Domino's Awards Unified Brand's Teamwork

Unified Brands announced that its Randell brand was honored with the 2010 Teamwork Award at this year’s Domino’s Supply Partner Summit, which recently took place in Plymouth, Michigan.

According to Domino’s, “Randell has been an outstanding business partner to our equipment & supply division for over a decade.”

Domino’s also says that Randell met its vital menu and item expansion challenge last year by developing a new make-table and taking the initiative to help Domino’s grow its business internationally.

Fast Food Closing in on Full Service in Customer Satisfaction

The quick-service industry is closing the customer satisfaction gap standing between it and the full-service industry, according to a new study.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), released today, found that customer satisfaction with the quick-serve industry had increased 5.3 percent between 2010 and 2011, to a score of 79 out of 100.

The full-service industry, meanwhile, increased only 1.2 percent to a score of 82.

Tap Your Way to Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza announced that its Domino's App for iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store. The app gives users the ability to order from Domino's with just a few taps of the screen.

The Domino's App gives customers instant access to the full Domino's menu, as well as local and national coupons. Users can also search for the closest Domino's location and can utilize the fan-favorite Pizza Tracker to follow the stages of their order, from the oven to their door.

Combating the Seasonal Swing

In markets driven by tourist seasons, customers tend to dwindle to a trickle in the off-season but swarm like locusts in the peak season. Such markets force quick-serve operators to construct a strategy that ensures thriving store operations amid wild swings in demand.

Ervin Hernandez, a Miami-area marketing leader for Domino’s Pizza, says operating in a seasonal market is a numbers game. “Permanent population is a key ingredient to maintain a profitable brand,” he says. “Anything over 16,000 permanent residents should give you enough customers to sustain a profitable store.”

Leveraging Franchisee Diversity

Quick serves could be poised to step up their franchising efforts as soon as the credit market thaws and while available real estate remains cheap. Some experts say that minority-franchisee recruitment will be a particular area of focus, as franchisors pursue the value minorities bring to customer relations, new product innovation, and new markets.

The Coast is Clear

There is a constant murmur during the July 27, 2010, Congressional hearing before the Committee on Energy and Commerce. As politicians shuffle in and out from their burgundy leather seats, Ken Feinberg, made famous for distributing insurance claims to 9/11 victims and their families, stays still, hunched over the tabletop microphone in front of him.

Domino's Pizza Bracket Determines Pizza Champion

Domino's Pizza, the Official Pizza of NCAA March Madness, will give fans a chance to follow the advancements, the upsets, the final four, and an eventual champion – pizza champion, that is.

Domino's is celebrating National Bracket Day by launching its Domino's Pizza Bracket on Facebook, as well as a special Domino's NCAA March Madness Pizza Tracker.

As March Madness Begins, Domino’s Signs NCAA Deal

Domino's Pizza is now the “Official Pizza of the NCAA” and several of its 23 national championships. Domino’s is joining forces with NCAA Corporate Champion Coca-Cola, the “Official Fan Refreshment of the NCAA”; Turner Sports; and CBS Sports in a multiyear partnership. This marks the first time Domino’s has partnered nationally with collegiate athletics, and the first national sports marketing sponsorship for the company since 2007.

The Fall of Pizza

What’s happened to pizza’s major players?

In 2000, the QSR 50 Report, this magazine’s annual ranking of the nation’s top quick-service brands, showed a robust American appetite for pizza, a category trailing only burger joints in representation. With pizza chains claiming four of the list’s top 15 slots and 12 of the top 50, the segment seemed poised to maintain its spot as a 21st century quick-service staple.