The Fall of Pizza

What’s happened to pizza’s major players?

In 2000, the QSR 50 Report, this magazine’s annual ranking of the nation’s top quick-service brands, showed a robust American appetite for pizza, a category trailing only burger joints in representation. With pizza chains claiming four of the list’s top 15 slots and 12 of the top 50, the segment seemed poised to maintain its spot as a 21st century quick-service staple.

Coupons on TV?

Interactive television, or iTV, might not be the next big thing in restaurant advertising. But with TV technology continuing to evolve and incorporate greater interactivity, it might be the next big thing after the next big thing—especially considering that the technology seems uniquely suited to restaurants.

Who's the Face of Your Brand?

Marketing executives have known for years that using hard-at-work, nice-looking, real employees in a TV spot can symbolize a brand’s corporate commitment to quality and service. But any marketer getting ready to take this idea to his ad people should first take some time to consider that using real employees in a brand’s advertising can be a tricky proposition.

P.F. Chang's Chairman Joins Domino's Board of Directors

Domino's Pizza named Richard L. Federico to its Board of Directors, effective at today's company board meeting.

Federico, 56, is chairman and co-CEO of P.F. Chang's China Bistro Inc. He joined the company in 1996, and is responsible for the strategic growth and development of P.F. Chang's China Bistro, as well as the company's fast-casual concept, Pei Wei Asian Diner. P.F. Chang's China Bistro, founded in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1993, operates 197 Bistros and 166 Pei Wei's, which generated revenues of $1.2 billion in 2010.

With New Pizza Under Its Belt, Domino's Turns to Chicken

After a year and a half spent reinventing and marketing a new pizza recipe, Domino’s announced that it has revamped its chicken offerings and will sell them with the same dose of transparency that made its new pizza a big success.

Domino’s spokesman Chris Brandon says the company’s new boneless chicken and wings products are “the next chapter for us in this overall reinvention story that we’ve created.”

Domino's Expects to Deliver 9 Million Pizza Slices on Sunday

Domino's Pizza is counting down to kickoff this weekend and training hard to handle a rush in orders. This Sunday’s game marks the busiest day of the year for Domino’s, as football fans gather to enjoy the competition with pizza, pasta, and wings—a sure win in households nationwide.

As the Green Bay and Pittsburgh football teams get ready for their biggest Sunday of the season, the Domino's team anticipates delivering more than 9 million pizza slices nationwide on game day.

Domino’s Gets ‘Smart’ About School Lunches

Domino’s Pizza is striving to be a part of the solution when it comes to promoting healthy, active lifestyles for young people—highlighted by the launch of its Domino’s Smart Slice school lunch pizza.

Domino’s Smart Slice is a white whole-wheat, reduced fat, and reduced sodium pizza that is baked fresh and delivered to schools. Domino’s Smart Slice is already being served in more than 120 school districts, and Domino’s plans to double that number within the next year.