industry headlines

An Inside Job

2010-05-28 The Humane Society of the United States is buying stock in several quick-service companies in an attempt to sway supplier decisions in its favor.

Domino's is Weeding Out the Holdouts

2010-04-07 In new ad campaign, pizza chain spotlights people who have yet to try Domino's new pizza recipe.

India, New Orleans Connect Domino's for Milestone

2010-03-11 Two of the pizza chain's newest stores, one in New Delhi and one in New Orleans, celebrate as Domino's hits 9,000 stores.

Domino's Pizza Sales Help St. Jude Patients

2010-02-17 By raising $2 million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in 2009, Domino's Pizza assisted numerous patients by helping to pay for various medical treatments.

In Taste Test of Pizza Giants, Domino's Wins

2010-02-02 Company's new pizza recipe defeats Papa John's and Pizza Hut in an independent, blind taste test of nearly 1,800 random pizza consumers.

Investment Firm Acquires Japanese Domino's

2010-01-25 Bain Capital signs definitive agreement to acquire Higa Industries Co. Ltd., which operates 179 Domino's Pizza units in Japan.

Domino's CEO Stepping Down

2010-01-05 David A. Brandon will remain as special advisor to company in 2010, and is set to be announced as director of Intercollegiate Athletics for University of Michigan.

Domino's Preps New Pizza, New Years Traffic

2009-12-29 As ads roll out for new pizza recipe, Domino's readies itself for an estimated 2.3 million pizzas sold for New Year's.

In Honor of 50th Anniversary, Domino's Reinvents Itself

2009-12-16 Pizza company decides to switch pizza recipe, which it will roll out to all U.S. stores beginning December 27.

Domino's Noid Returns for Limited Time

2009-11-23 Old advertising character to don t-shirts sold to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.