EVOS Celebrates Earth Day, Guests With Free Milkshakes

EVOS, a fast-casual restaurant offering healthier all-American favorites with an earth-friendly attitude and “greater good” conscience, is celebrating Earth Day, Monday, April 22, with free organic milkshakes, no purchase necessary.

This offer demonstrates just one of many ways EVOS supports local and organic farmers. Since 1994, EVOS has worked to provide a healthier option for guests and the planet.

The Sauce is the Boss

Quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants are meeting today’s demand for variety head-on, but they’re not just doing it with menu diversification. Some are providing customers with greater selections in the condiments they offer, allowing guests to customize their own meal with expansive condiment bars.

And it’s not just a rote selection they’re offering, either; these are top-notch products, since it seems traditional line-ups of mustard, mayo, ketchup, and ranch dressing simply don’t, well, cut the mustard anymore.

EVOS Looks Forward to Evolution in 2012

EVOS, the fast-casual restaurant offering healthier all-American favorites with an earth-friendly attitude and greater good conscience, today announced plans for new corporate expansion in what it calls its "New Year EVO-lution." 

With steadily increasing positive comparable store sales in 2011, EVOS is ready to add even more to its plate in 2012.

EVOS Will Once Again 'Shake Up' Earth Day

For a third consecutive year, EVOS, a fast-casual restaurant company with an earth-friendly attitude, will offer free organic milkshakes to customers at each of its locations in celebration of Earth Day, April 22. Made from simple, wholesome ingredients like USDA-certified, organic milk and served in biodegradable cups made from plant-based ingredients, the shakes reinforce EVOS’ ongoing core philosophy of "Earth Day, Every Day.”


According to the founders of EVOS, ketchup matters. So much so that they created the Ketchup Karma Bar at their concept where diners select from four flavors. 

The ketchups are housemade and flavors are Garlic Gravity, spicy Cayenne Fire Walker, smoky Mesquite Magic, and Original Americana. For customers who want to try more than one, EVOS provides labels to identify the flavor once it has been pumped into a cup.

Low-Calorie, High Profits

Some people may consider the term healthful dessert as a bit of an oxymoron.

Desserts are typically recognized as being indulgent—rich and flavorful—and not necessarily a part of the dining experience that would be considered good for you.

But perception is not always reality, and it’s not necessarily difficult for quick-service restaurants to feature desserts that are nutritious, low in calories, and, yes, even healthy.