Famous Dave's

Famous Dave's Goes to the Ends of the Brisket

It’s the stuff of many barbecue fans’ dreams: a crispy, crunchy, deeply caramelized, and often exclusive product known as burnt ends. But they’re no longer hard to get —as long as you live near a Famous Dave’s, that is.

The brand rolled out the new burnt ends products last month to its locations nationwide, and not just as a limited-time offer. The permanent menu item, known as “The Pitmaster’s Secret,” is now available in dishes like the Burnt Ends-N-Rib Combo and the Burnt Ends Sandwich.

Famous Dave's Brings Back Sweetwater Catfish

"Sweetwater Catfish returns to Famous Dave's;" those are words the company's guests have been waiting over two years to hear. Famous Dave's was driven to remove the popular appetizer and entrée from menus in 2011 because it was unable to get the quality it wanted. So began an epic narrative of guest devotion.

Meet Your Consumer

There is no average quick-service customer.

Or so says Kim Holman, director of marketing for Wixon Inc., a flavor researcher and manufacturer. She believes the U.S. has become such a melting pot of age, race, and other demographics spread out across disparate regions that fast-food operators have no way of singling out any one typical, everyday customer.

But this doesn’t mean quick serves can afford to ignore the makeup of the country, their markets, and their brand, Holman says.

Famous Dave’s Waves WAND for Digital Menuboard

WAND Corporation, a leading provider of Digital Menuboard solutions for the foodservice industry, was chosen by Famous Dave’s of America, Inc. to be its approved provider of Digital Menu Boards. In addition to Digital POP Boards driving impulse purchases, the solution for Famous Dave’s features Digital Menuboards for the To-Go counter, engineered to enhance the effectiveness and overall awareness of the take-out menu category at some of its 184 nationwide locations.

NRA Marketing Exec Group Hosts Oct. Conference

The National Restaurant Association Marketing Executives Group (MEG) will hold its annual fall conference next month in Miami. Marketing professionals representing some of the nation’s top restaurant chains will gather October 12–14 at the Epic Hotel to address “Real Challenges–Epic Solutions,” the theme of this year’s conference.  

Toepener Prevents Germ Spread in Bathrooms

Many people are disgusted when it comes to touching the restroom door handle for fear of germs, bacteria, or anything else that may be on the familiar metallic surface. After washing their hands, many try the “paper towel wrap” or the “pinky grasp” to avoid touching the door handle before they return to touch their food.

These age-old techniques can now be retired thanks to the advent of the Toepener, which is essentially a door handle for your foot.

Named Dave? Eat Free at Famous Dave's on August 14

"Dave's Day" at Famous Dave's of America is taking place on Sunday, August 14, when all BBQ lovin' Daves, Davids, and Davys can eat free! This is the third time Famous Dave's of America has held this crazy event that has grown from only a portion of the restaurants participating to more than 90 percent participation across the country.

Famous Daves Wins People's Choice Award

Famous Dave's of America announced that its Traveling Rib Team has won the prestigious People's Choice Award for Best Ribs in America at the Great American Rib Cook-off in Cleveland, Ohio.

"This is a very exciting time in the history of Famous Dave's," says Aric Nissen, vice president of marketing and research & development. "The fact that our Traveling Rib Team was honored with the distinction of People's Choice for Best Ribs in America is a great accomplishment for our brand."